Free Pattern Friday - Only One Skein

This week we're bringing back Free Pattern Friday to focus on a very special subset of knitting and crochet - projects that only require one skein of yarn.  Quick and affordable, these are a great way of getting some variation in your crafting without a serious commitment.


Bernat Jacquards - Vertical Striped Hat (knit)

Bernat Sox - Crochet Slippers

Bernat Softee Chunky - Beret (knit)

Bernat Baby Jacquards - Ruffle Hat (crochet)

Bernat Roving - Cable Hat


Love these projects! I so frequently only have one skein of yarn on hand, and it is so great to find something to use them up and get a nice project out of!

Thanks so much for this! We're just kicking off a new charity focus and I'll link this up to my blog - so my crafters can find these great options! LOVE the idea of a Free Pattern Friday! Awesome!

I'm currently in the process of making the slippers for myself (finally) after making other slippers for my friends and family... I think it still might take me awhile but hey at least they're started. :) I also have the pattern and yarn for the ruffle hat that I'd like to make for my daughter. It's so adorable!

Love the patterns! Great for when you can't time commit to a large project.

One skein projects are super for those of us on very tight budgets. There's always a way to afford one skein of yarn. As a suggestion, check out thrift stores for bargains on yarn. Many crafters donate leftover yarns. Since there's no need to match dyelots, it's a great place to shop for the materials for these projects.

I love this idea, I can always do one skein projects.

This is a wonderful thing! I'm recovering from a hip replacement and these are perfect for keeping my hands busy. The slippers will be just perfect for my favorite niece and her daughter.

Such a great idea. This will come in handy particularly with the holidays around the corner. I can use up some yarn and make gifts to give out, too. Thank!!

I just love this site...... I sign off and pick up my yarn and crochet needle and carry on from there. I've gotten some wonderful free patterns and two granduaghters to crochet for - keeps me pretty busy. Thanks!

I can't comprehend it to figureout, any kind of ideas?

What happened to the last four weeks of patterns A friend and I look forward to these to use our scraps. Was working second shift and did not look in for a while. Help, We want these back as I am sure others do.

Will there be more Free Friday patterns? :)

free friday patterns but no new ones can you tell me why

Great patterns. Can't wait to start!!! Thanks

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I love the idea of one skein project's . That make's them easier to take with me and give's me something to do also..

Hi, I am new to kniting, and I try to knit the vertical striped hat. And it turn out funny because it makes holes on the top. Can you help me? Someone told me it might be the increase but it as no increase...

just heard about bernat new patterns friday. I love it. Did anyone ever try to do new granny squares too. i heard a long time ago someone was doing a granny square afghan made of the months of the year,. and i never ever could find it. i crochet and knit.

how do i print off the patterson i am looking for dish cloth patterson please