Free Pattern Friday - New afghans from the Free Pattern Library

On Fridays, we bring you highlights from the Bernat Free Pattern Library. To get these great patterns you just need to log in to the Bernat site. Inspired by the Crochet-Along, we're showing you some new afghan patterns, and a link to the complete pattern from the Mystery Afghan Knit-Along pattern.

Bernat Worsted - Ripple Throw (knit)

Bernat Satin - Lacy Ripples (crochet)

Bernat Satin - Mystery Afghan Knit-Along

Bernat Satin - Mystery Afghan Knit-Along (finished afghan shown on click)

Bernat Worsted - Granny Afghan (crochet)



Love the knitted ripple throw, but the colours listed are not available - are they new colours not yet in stores, or are they discontinued? Thanks, Bev

merci pour la traduction française c'est génial je me lance...

i am so thrilled with this project, can't wait to finish it. I am enjoying it so very much.

Love the afghans. My knitting skills are so-so and I really appreciate the mystery knit along, that way I can improve my skills next year. Thanks Bernat...

I'd like to double one of the afghan patterns from a small throw to a full size bed cover. Does anyone know the best way to keep the pattern while adding the extra stitches? I've tried charting the pattern but I'm running into some issues and not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Increasing Pattern size 1. Use a larger Hook or thicker yarn, or both (good for ripple patterns, etc.) OR, 2. Divide gauge ( say 5 st per inch) into number of stitches called for in the pattern ( say 50 st). 50/5 = 10 inches. using the gauge you get ( may be the same) multiply it times the number of inches you need for the pattern (say 20 in) example : 5 x 20 = 100 stitches. Do with all the measurements, except add rows for length.

I'm trying to do the free pattern Cottontots Diamond Mesh Crochet Blanket (baby blanket). Row 6says "1hdc in each 5 hdc." There have been no 5hdc stitches and I'm very confused! I can't guess what they mean and so am asking for help. If anyone has done this pattern or knows what is meant I'd appreciate the help.

Can anyone help me understand the butterfly blanket for knitting directions?