Free Pattern Friday - Dog Coats!

Every Friday, we’ll be bringing you highlights from the Bernat Free Pattern Library. To get these great patterns you just need to log in to the site.

This week has gone to the dogs. Enjoy these fun dog coats to knit or crochet.

Bernat Super Value - Hoodie Dog Coat (knit)

Bernat Super Value - Dog Coat (crochet)

Bernat Boa - Dog Coat (knit)

Bernat Camouflage - Dog Coat with Cargo Pockets (knit)


any one have any ideas how to make a coat for a my "grand" ferrets? My daughter would be thrilled. Thanks,

I have made the Hoodie pictured here before for my "little brother" to go with all the fleece jackets that my mom has made for her dog. He actualy prefers the hoodie I made to the fleece ones!

I made the cammo sweater for my beagle. A hunter needs to be appropriately attired. Picture of Ruby in her sweater here>