Free Hat Friday + A Softee Chunky Giveaway!

It's time for another Free Hat Friday! We're celebrating the launch of the new & improved Bernat Softee Chunky and getting you ready for cold-weather dressing by bringing you a new, exclusive free hat pattern every Friday this month!

This week, we're featuring this cute and cozy kids' Spiral Hat! Crocheted in Bernat Softee Chunky Ombres and topped with an adorable pompom, this hat is a great way to brighten up your little ones' wintery wardrobes.

Spiral Hat

Every week on Free Hat Friday, we're giving away 3 balls of Softee Chunky to one lucky randomly selected commenter.  Congratulations to the winner of last week's giveaway, Jessica Kline!

Want to be this week's winner? Entering is as easy, just tell us about your favorite colors for winter garments and accessories!  Do you stick with sophisticated neutrals, embrace the wintery weather with dark, moody hues, or do you like to lighten up with brights?
Let us know in the comments of this post and you could be this week's winner!

We'll be accepting entries until next Thursday, September 20th.  Look out for the winner of this week's giveaway in our next Free Hat Friday post!

Good luck, and happy stitching!


I love to use warm reds and oranges to add a little pick me up to my winter wardrobe!

Such a cute hat. I know my grand daughter will love it. I've added it to my to do lisr

What a cute pattern! Can't wait to try it

Brown and black...

If only it got cold enough to wear these cute hats where I live - I'd have to donate them to charity.

I would love to win this. In any color....Thanks for the opportunity.

I love different shades of greens and also varigated greens! They are so pretty!!

Winter lasts far too long in Winnipeg! Bring on the bright colours!

I love anything in Teal or black

I use the bright and neutral colors to accessorize with my attire.

Bernat is my yarn of choice, whether it's for a baby project, afghans, or a chunky project like sweaters, hats and mitts. Can't wait to try the new Softee Chunky!!!!

Dark and moody hues for me but bright vivid colours for the girls! :)

I like a dark coat. It is the perfect background for scarves, hats, gloves, and brooches. I like them all bright and bold!

Bright-winter is a great time to show off a lot of color.

My favorite color is purple.

I can't wait to make this hat...or a bunch of them! I LOVE bright colors in the winter. It breaks up the monotony of the darker and more neutral colors.

Depends on which part of winter we are in, if it's sept through Nov I love the autumn colors, I live in Wa state so it's winter even when it's NOT lol, I love the oranges and browns mostly but I do love all the fall colors, but once we get into Dec and on I love the Christmas colors, reds greens, whites, creams, blacks!

I usually knit/crochet winter accessories for kids, and I like to use brighter colors for those. It's more fun for the kids and for the knitter!

I like mixing dark black or brown with pink or green for winter accessories! Oh I also like a navy blue with neon green!

My favorite colors in general are black, red, grey and blues. I've recently been branching into green, but for Winter, I like to stick with black, red and grey. That way, I don't have to worry as much about whether my winter wear matches my shoes or my outfit.

I love bright colors for my winter accessories and my hubby likes grey. I 'd love to make some of these hats for my nieces and nephews for Christmas...

I love browns and reds...any variation of these colors. But, this winter I am going all in for a pop of color w/some neon orange, shades of yellow, pink and greens.

For winter I like to use a bright colour paired with a jewel tone; something like a lemon yellow with forest green.

I love bright colors in the winter!! It adds some cheer when you're shivering and it's freezing cold!!

I love a little of both moody hues and bright colors, depends on if it's for me or my daughters. My personal favorite is nice deep reds for myself.

For me it really depends who I`m knitting for, but if I`m knitting for no one in particular I gravitate towards rich jewel tones.

I like neons for winter accessories.

For winter, I see so many people with color choice to compliment their jackets. Kids like bright colors, while adults like warm muted colors. Even women like feminine colors like white, pink, red, purple, maroon and burgundy, while men go for grey, black, greens and blue. For teens, it's variegated colors, and I have been getting requests from tween and teen boys on green cargo yarn for hats and scarves.

At this time I am making hats with colors from my kids schools and there sports teams. It varies from black/red to green/white and blue/white. But when I make regular hats and mitts I like using bright colors. Colors that would stand out if you lost them in a snowbank. :)

I love nice cheery colors to lift up my mood :-D

I like to use bright colors in contrast with fall colors for winter.

I enjoy bight colors for winter as the days are often gray and dreary and it brightens things up.

I like the wintery colors, like dark blues and white. It reminds me of snow.

I like deep winter colors and very fond of wine/burgundy colors. I love that deep color with forest green.

I love to make hats ! This past summer i made 6 sun hats for children and Adults. I am looking forward to some bright fall colours and to try out the new Bernat Softee chunky Ombers .This spiral pattern looks like a winner to me.

I love the colors of purple (all hues), oranges and reds. Really need color to help get through the winter. Winning a skein of the Softee Chunky would be awesome to share with my crochet class because we will be crocheting the chunky scarves soon.

I love "comfy" colors, like pink and gray. To me they embody winter because they remind me of a comfy pair of sweats that I'd wear curled up on the sofa with a blanket and a cup of cocoa. :)

Hope to win, love all colors and yarns.

I love jewel tones in the winter!

It really depends on who I am making it for. Most of the time I use bright colours for kids and deeper colours for adults like burgundy, dark blue and I always love a vibrant green.

I love the ombres, how they change colors every few stitches seems to keep me motivated to keep going, and see if I can create a pattern with them.

I like purples and reds.

For myself, I love to work with dark greens and purples. But when I knit for my daughter she always loves bright pink and orange.

I like a blue. It's a washed denim blue, but not made any more. :(

I love to make these fun hats for my grandchildren ... Fun to give and keeps their heads warm.

I live in the Northwest and in keeping with that mood, I tend to use darker, moodier colors.

I love blues combined with grays - like the winter skies!

I love neutrals with a little olive and winter white thrown in.

I love this! I think I'll have to make one for my grandaughter!

looking forward to useing your new yarn