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Project – Half & Half Socks
Patons Pattern Book – #500869  Socks in the City
Yarn – Patons Kroy Socks – #55301 Sultana and #55040 Coal
Blogger – terriknitspatons

While working on the first sock I wondered how different the sock would look if the yarns were reversed.  By the time the sock was finished, I had a plan.

I made a point to start both of the striped yarns in the exact same place.  In the end it did not really matter because the striping is off on the back of the leg.

In addition to switching the yarns, I also did away with the seams on the foot of the sock.  I do not mind sewing simple seams, but I know there are some people out there who would rather stick a needle in their eye than seam.  Getting rid of the seam is easy.  The first stitch of each instep row  needs to be slipped. Follow all other pattern directions as written. This creates a chain that makes picking up the stitches easy as pie.  Then as the sole is knit, the last stitch of every row is knit together with the corresponding stitch on the sock  inseam.

When you come to the end of the sole row, do not work the last stitch.  Pick up a stitch from the inseam.

Slide the last unworked stitch from the right had needle to the left hand needle

and either knit (RS) or purl (WS) the two together.

You still need to seam up the leg.

See what I mean about the stripes not matching.?

Which sock do you like better?



They look awesome - great job altering the pattern! My first instinct is I like the black on the bottom but since I always wear Birkenstock clogs having those stripes show up the back of the foot is super cute!

Wow, very trippy socks. I also think I like the black on the bottom - I think because it grounds the colours, providing something for them to stand against.

Great tweaks and pictures. Thanks for working that out and sharing the details. Love the mismatch!