FO-Seams like perfection to me

Project - Garter Stitch Cardigan
Patons Project Book - 500874 Bamboo Baby and Bunnies
Yarn - Bamboo Baby in 91134 Royal
Blogger - knittinjen

This pattern is knit from the bottom up and as you get to the point of the arm pits you pick up the sleeves already knit and kept on stitch holders and just continue on. At the end of it all I only had to seam the sleeves. I think this pattern could be tackled by an adventurous beginner.

I love it and even though I want to keep our little guy small I can’t wait to see him wearing this. There is something satisfying about making usable items. Bamboo Baby is going to be an awesome yarn to fill in on chilly nights this fall (wishful thinking that it will fit next the Spring?).

Lastly, I selected this yarn knowing the blue is going to bring out the blue in my babe’s eyes. Now I just have to find the perfect buttons. I will take some pictures of him in the wild this fall and show him off to all of you…

– knittinjen


Oh, that is so cute. And with a pair of blue little angels myself, I know exactly what you mean. Great job! Can't wait to see modeled pics!

I love the color! Somehting about a a garter stitch baby sweater makes me happy. I am driving my "little guy" to college Friday.

OMG Terri! Is this the first of yours to leave the nest for college? I wish you the best of luck. I know my day is just around the corner.