FO - Lacy Ankle Socks

Project – Lacy Ankle Socks ( free pattern)
Yarn – Patons Stretch Sock color #31444 Cherry Sours
Blogger - terriknitspatons

The entire time I have been knitting these socks, a song from Grease has been running through my head.

Summer Lovin, happened so fast.

Summer Lovin, having a blast...

Not a bad song to have stuck in your head and very appropriate for the project.

These socks are so cute!

The yarn is very easy to work with, not at all splitty.  If you are someone who likes to knit while doing other things, you can easily knit by feel with Stretch Sock.  The lace pattern is easy to memorize. The self striping/color changes keep things interesting. Two needles way up!

While I found I did not have to change my tension when knitting with Stretch Yarn, I do have one suggestion for you.  When it comes to grafting the toes, less pull is vital.  When working on the toe of the first sock, I found I was not able to pull the stitches tight as I went along.  Doing so  made for an uncomfortable, bunched up fabric.  For the second sock, I left plenty of slack in the stitches and then went back and tightened them up at the end.

This is what my toe looked like after the grafting.

Working from the beginning, I picked up and pulled tight, the side of each stitch down the line.

This made for perfectly flat and comfy toes.

Cute and flirty, the perfect summer (and fall) sock.



These really turned out nicely!