FO - Kaleidoscope Blanket

Project – Kaleidoscope Blanket
Pattern Book – At Home #500881
Yarn – Patons Canadiana – the New Generation
Blogger - terriknitspatons

The first time I saw this blanket I knew I wanted to make one.  Did I have the crochet skills to pull it off?  Would I get bored with such a large project?  Would it take me a year to finish?  All that fretting for nothing.

When it came time to piece the squares together I decided to use the slip stitch joining method.  You can see instruction here for the slip stitch method with right sides facing.  I chose to join mine with wrong sides facing so that there is a little ridge in between the squares.

I like the effect and either way works just fine.

I have a very special bit of advice when you are putting together all those squares.  It is easy to lay them out according to color and start hooking away, but there is something else to thing about.  Is the square right side up?  When all was said and done I had two squares facing the wrong direction.  I had to cut them out and join again.  Not fun.  Learn from my mistakes.

Once the blanket was finished, I still had quite a bit of white yarn, so I decided to single crochet around the edge.  As I was working on that I thought about how nice it would be to have a bit of color around the outside of the blanket.  Once the white edging was complete, I began again with yellow.  I love the look and maybe someday I will add another color to the border.

In the end, I LOVE this blanket.

It even makes a grey Seattle day bright and colorful.  LOVE



This is so fabulous!!!!! I like it with the border rows.

Oh, I love it as well! That is so gorgeous. Love. Love. Love.

I love this! Can't wait to make my own - working on the first square now!

It's just beautiful--so cheery and bright! And the border is a lovely finishing touch. Great job!

WOW! love it. Makes me want to practice more crochet.

Thank y'all for your nice comments. Right now the blanket is sitting next to me on the couch. It has become the spring couch blanket and it can be seen by all who pass by our house. I LOVE it.