FO: Hooded Cardigan

Hooded Cardigan from Patons Pattern Book: Next Steps Six - Learn to Cable

Yarn: Patons Classic Wool

Photo 1

What a fun cardigan to make! As I mentioned in a previous post, this pattern was meant for my needles. I really think that the Patons Classic Wool suits this pattern perfectly. The yarn allows for a nice cable definition and the color (Moss Heather) is just light enough for the cables to really pop. I just love how the cable pattern is on the back of the cardigan and continues, seamlessly, up to the hood.

Photo 2

Throughout the project, I did make a few modifications to the pattern. I adjusted the cardigan to be knit in one piece. Since this pattern is worked from the bottom up, once I got to the sleeves, I put whichever piece (left side, right side or back) I was not working on, on scrap yarn. Instead of casting off, once I got to the top of the back and front pieces, I kept the live stitches on scrap yarn. This allowed me to graft (Kitchener Stitch) the shoulder seams together. I worked the sleeves from the shoulder down using Magic Loop. Shaping the hood was a lot of fun. It was like turning the heel of a really big sock! Instead of using a zipper, I decided to go with 4, 1" buttons. Figured these would be more user friendly for my 3-year-old son. I also decided to add a light flannel liner. Found this cute dinosaur print at the fabric store. Using less than 1 yard, I cut out a piece, ironed the seams and then hand sewed it into the cardigan using matching thread. Did not even have to use my sewing machine!

Photo 3

Coming soon to a Patons blog near you.... another finished project!!! You didn't forget about the Fair Isle socks did you?



What an awesome sweater! I love how the cable starts at the hood and goes all the way down. Great Job!!!

The hoodie is amazing - I wish I had one in my size too! I'm impressed with the lining, that's something I haven't tackled yet. Great work1

so cute! i LOVE the dinosaur liner. my three year old son would love that! i like this pattern, but he refuses to wear hoods these days. oh well. i've doctored some patterns to have a collar instead of a hood, but i don't think that would work as well with the cable. hmmm...

Uber cute!

@ Haley - You could definitely omit the hood from this pattern. After you piece everything together, you pick up stitches around the neck to make the hood. You could easily just do a couple rows of ribbing. I think it would look great! Don't you love how finicky 3 year olds can be? :)