FO - Frou Frou Scarf

Project – Frou Frou Scarf
Pattern Book – Breathtaking #500879
Yarn – Patons Lace  #33427 Woodrose
Blogger - terriknitspatons

I had been waiting to write this post until I could get outside and take some pretty pictures.  The weatherman tells me that is not going to happen anytime soon.  So I will improvise.

When last I left you, I was hoping to finish the body of the scarf.  And I did.

Ruffles too.  Whenever I finish a lace project I am surprised by how unkempt it looks.  This is definitely its gangly phase.  A little patience and grooming is what is needed right now.

When working with lace, patience and grooming is obtained through pins and steam.  The scarf is much longer than my ironing board, so I blocked in two sections.  I pulled the scarf different amounts lengthwise and widthwise until I found the look I liked best, then I started pinning.  My ironing board cover has stripes which make pinning lace out very easy.  No ruler needed.  Once everything was pinned, I hit it with steam.

I love steaming lace!  I know that sounds odd, but it is true.  I love getting right down with the iron, hovering just over the fabric and watching the yarn relax.  You can actually see it move.  Thrilling!  The only problem with this method is a personal one.  I have curly hair, and after standing over a steaming iron for half an hour I resemble Albert Einstein.  I try to steam block in private.

Blocking ruffles is a little tricky.  They can not be pulled and pinned in the same way as a panel of lace.

For the ruffles I lined up the stitches and let the fabric mound where it liked.  This way I was able to straighten the curling, but keep the flounce.

What a difference!  So light and it drapes like a dream.

The edging was pinned and then sewn to the body.  I suggest using the same color yarn as the top layer of your ruffle.  Then weave in all those ends.  There a lot of ends.  Tons.  But it is worth the effort.

Lovely!  The scarf is wide enough to cover your shoulders as a wrap, if you feel a little chill, but thick and luxurious when scrunched around your neck.  One of my favorite projects ever.  Two needles way, way up!



Lovely! For steam blocking with an iron, do you need one of the new-fangled irons (compared to my ancient one) that send out a blast of steam with the push of a button? If so, I might need a new iron.

This is beautiful!

Beautiful, I love the ruffles.