FO: Flower Tiles Bag

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Design: Flower Tiles Bag

Patons Pattern Book: #500862, Spring Style

Patons Grace (1 skein each) in colors:  Amethyst, Bark, Snow, Spa Blue, Clay and Wasabi

Just in time for spring too! As my very first crochet project, I couldn't be more pleased.  The little flower tiles were very addicting to crochet (hee-hee, I know how to crochet now!).  This was also my first time using Patons Grace.  It's a 100% mercerized cotton yarn and comes in a variety of colors.  I definitely plan on using this yarn again.

The finished size of the bag is 12 inches wide and 8 inches tall.  The pattern calls for you to crochet two straps.  Instead, I made one wide strap so that I could wear it on my shoulder.  I chained 14 and then just did 14 SC on each row until the strap measured approximately 14 inches long.  I actually had just enough of the 'Bark' yarn to make the strap and then to sew it on to the bag.

After the bag was all assembled, I still felt it was missing something - a liner!  The fabric I found was exactly what I had in mind.  The lining was super easy to construct as the bag is flat.  I measured the bag, cut the lining and then sewed it in.  Since my sewing machine and I fight constantly, I didn't even bother using it for this project.

Throughout the project my 3-year-old son was fascinated by the little flower tiles.  I even ended up giving him one so he would stop "messing" with my project!  Since the project was in so many pieces, he was really confused as to what I was making.  Once the bag was assembled, I showed it to him and said, "See, it's a bag."  He looked a little perplexed and then said to me "No Mommy, it's a hat.  See".  He then put the bag on his head:

I think he is on to something here...  Wouldn't this make a darling "pixie" hat?  Of course, you would have to do some adjusting to the size, but I think it would be too cute!  Especially for a baby girl.  Maybe not so much for a 3 year old boy!!



Your Flower Tiles Bag looks fantastic. With that bag spring can come. I love it !!! Annegret

I LOVE it!! The colors are so pretty. I think a beanie would be so cute with the tiles. And your model is a cutie pie!!

Oooh, lovely bag!!! Lol, it looks good as a hat too. Maybe a matching scarf would be fun... ;)

That is the cutest bag ever! I am going to have to learn how to crochet decently now! Beautiful!

That is a great first crochet project! I almost don't believe that it is your first project, it looks so great! I love that feeling when you finish your first project! congrats!