FO - Convertable Mittens (with gadget thumbs)

Project – Four Needle Fingerless and Convertible Mittens
Patons pattern book #500876 Next Seven Steps: Mittens and Gloves
Yarn –  Patons Classic Wool #77605 Pumpkin
Blogger – terriknitspatons

The mittens are finished!

I am not sure why they took quite so long.  Must have been all the reknitting.  Even if they had taken twice as long I would be happy.  Warm, unisex, and with the all important go-go-gadget thumbs.

The only change I made to the pattern was to knit longer cuffs.  I like a nice long cuff that stays tucked in under a sweater or jacket.

When I cast on for the next pair I will remember to watch for twisted stitches when beginning the flap, mark the pick-up row with waste yarn, and not knit that row with bigger needles.  That should take care of any further reknitting.



I love these and I love the thumb gadget. Might have to cast on a pair for myself. I have these gloves with conductive thread on the finger and thumb so I can use my touchscreen while wearing them. But they are pretty thin. I think they're crying out for these to go on top of them. Thanks for sharing the "how not to re-knit this' tips too. I will follow them.