FO – an afghan

Project – Boldly Colored Plaid Afghan
Patons free pattern (download here)
Yarn – Patons Decor in Chocolate Taupe, New Teal, Aran, Pale New Green, Claret
Blogger – knittinjen

Yahooozie! After weeks of knitting I have a completed afghan. Whew! Because I put the Diagonal Lace Shawl and Feather & Fan Socks in my UFO bin I needed to get my knitting mojo back. It doesn’t matter how many times I give myself permission to put projects on hold, I inevitably feel bad when I do so. (Incidentally, I really didn’t give up on the socks, they get carried with me everywhere I go and I knit on them here and there.)

This pattern was straight forward and even though I did a few things differently it was a wonderful jumping-off point. Patons Decor yarn is a dream to work with. It has memory a lot like wool and it is soft and squishy. And did I mention that it’s washable? Love it.

While I was making this afghan, even at the earliest of stages of selecting colors, I didn’t know who I was making it for. Soon it seemed that our oldest, I like to call Boy A (because he was baby A in the womb), needed it the most. I mentioned in a previous post that I had made an afghan, albeit a small one, for the other twin quite a while ago and it seems that Boy A was feeling left out.

So the afternoon I finished it I laid it out on the floor to get some pictures. I turned away for about three seconds to get the camera when I turned back this is what I found.

Then he had to ruffle things up a bit

That’s our third (I’ll call Boy C) who loves to lay on blankets and pillows and act like he’s a cute, sleepy, resting baby. (Ha! I know better) It turns out his little body gives you scale for the size of the afghan.

Speaking of size, I did not do a gauge swatch knowing I wouldn’t care what size I ended up with (this goes back to me not really knowing who I was making this for). It turned out to be 35" square.

Next on my needles is gonna be so cute I can’t wait to show you what I’m working on! Hint: This one is for Boy C and people beware – he is going to stop shopping cart traffic!

– knittinjen


Great job!!! I love the colors you chose and Boy C is just precious! Perfect size for him. I bet the afghan is super snuggly too!!

So cute!