Flip Flop Felting

Project – Moccasins for Him
Patons Pattern Book #500871 – Family Felting
Yarn – Patons Classic Wool in Royal
Blogger – YoElizbo

Before I even tossed my Moccasins for Him into the pillowcase for felting, I knew I had one problem. My gift was being felted here in Seattle, and the pair of feet they needed to fit reside in Southern Oregon. Not exactly handy for slapping on for quickie sizing.

But then I saw a nifty trick on another blog--sorry I don't remember who, but I truly bow in her direction!--which was to use a pair of cheapo flip flops as blocking forms. Oh, yeah, brilliant.

So I got the finest pair that $1.49 could buy, cut off the straps and now have a custom pair of blockers sized for my dad's feet. When they were finished drying, they were just the right size for him and a little big on me:

Happily, I had my own pair of Slippers for Her at the ready. Now I just have to find some buttons--which I hope to do this week.

So if you are already thinking about Christmas (you know it is only six knitting months away) these would be fast and quick to start working on. A pair for everyone. And while summer is still around you might want to stock up some cheap slipper blockers, aka flip flops . . .

One tip: Patons Classic Wool felts fast. So watch it! I was surprised how quick it is, so check it often. So come on, give it up, what is your favorite felting tip?



Love the flip-flop tip! I haven't tried this one yet, but I heard that felting smaller items - bobbles, flowers, etc... - can be done in a water bottle or a clear jar: Pop in what you want to felt, fill it partway with hot tap water, add a dash of the soap of your choice (I use the store brand version of Woolite), and shake it up! Drain, rinse, shake some more, and repeat as needed.

Super idea!