First Time Felter

I have never felted anything before. It's not because I haven't wanted to try, but I never wanted to badly enough to pay $2 at my apartment building's laundry room to run one thing through the wash. I recently moved however, and my new place has a washer/dryer. (I'm still giddy with excitement over doing laundry for free whenever I want. Sometimes I wash one pair of jeans and leave them in the dryer for hours after the cycle is done just because I can).

In the midst of this exciting new laundry situation, I happened upon the felted wine bottle bag in Patons' Classic Holidays book and decided to have a go at felting. I followed the instructions that were in the back of the pattern book and, voila -


Felt! I probably should have checked on it halfway through the wash cycle, as it's a little more felted than I would like, but I think it turned out ok. Since I had so many issues with holes in the striped wine bottle cover I did previously, I kept the striping to a minimum and decorated the solid block of color with fun buttons. (I thought about doing a snowflake design in white on the purple section, but was unsure how that would turn out after felting). Instead of making the twisted cord for handles I used some ribbon.

A note about reading patterns the whole way through - I did the decreases on the bottom of the bag entirely wrong, following instructions for version A instead of felted version B like I was supposed to. Oops. The resulting bag bottom is much rounder than it should be due to the quicker decreases (over 9 rounds instead of 16 rounds as called for). Will we knitters ever learn this lesson? Maybe. Ok, probably not.



Great job on the felting!! Whenever I felt something, I always go back and shave it with an electric trimmer. Get's all of the fuzzies off!! I LOVE the buttons!! What a great idea!!! Have I told you how much I love this color combo??

OMG! So cute!!!

First time success - alright! Oh how I long for a washing machine... think of me next time you leave those jeans in the dryer!

what a pretty shade of purple, what color please?

this is cute. about your snowflake idea--i just read about someone who felted colorwork and it did not go well. i guess because most people knit tighter (or looser) in colorwork vs. solid knitting, it felts unevenly. her bag looked kind of hourglass shaped because the colorwork section ended up smaller than the now colorwork section. just thought i'd pass it on in case you do more felting.

I would like to say that I felted some colorwork back in college and it turned out okay. I was really particular during the felting phase, so who knows...I can send you pics, Andrea, if you would like to see it. I still have the purse, even if I would never use it anymore.