The First of Many Cowls

Project – Cowl (knit)
Bernat Free Pattern (download here)
Yarn – Bernat Mosaic in Spectrum
Blogger – JenWKnits

I’ve never knit a cowl before.  Actually, I’ve never even worn a cowl before.

That’s all changed.

Now, not only have I knit a cowl but I plan on knitting many more.  It was a fun project – perfect to grab a quick row here and there or to knit while watching TV and struggling to keep my eyes open.

Here’s a picture of the finished cowl:

And I tried desperately to get a picture of the cowl on me but my only available photographers today were ages 3 and 6.  They tried-and tried and tried again.  Finally, I decided that the 6 year old would make a fine model and that I would make a good photographer.

Don’t you agree?

If you’re looking for an easy 1 skein knit, this cowl would be perfect.  I see many of these going on my holiday knitting list…



I was woundering the part in the pattern when they say to measure along the straight edge, what are they talking about ? I'm not sure what is the straight edge is! HELP!

That tripped me up too :) I decided the straight edge was the edge that was currently on the needles - not sure if that is what was intended but the cowl came out nicely! Good luck!!

Thanks So Much!

This part has me confused too, it says to measure straight edge firm cast on edge, I'm confused....

I listen to what JenWknits said and it came out perfect!!!

I'm on the second part, and am stuck on "Rep last 4 rows until longest straight edge measured from corner cast on measures approx 28 ins ". Where do I measure from?!?

I'm at the same place as you were (are)Kerry. Has anyone come up with an answer? 28 inches from where?

I am stuck at the same place. I called and left a message with Bernat. Help! If they call back with an answer I will email this group.

I'm at the first repeat of 4 rows and I'm getting a strange shape, more like a triangle - what did I do wrong. 1st row says Increase 1 in first knit, knit to last 3 sts, K2together, K last stitch. 2nd row is the pattern, 3rd row is same as row 1 and 4th row is pattern. Help!!!