Finishing the Brioche Stitch Hat - Video Help

Project – Brioche Stitch Hat
Patons Pattern Book #500880 – Anti Freeze
Yarn – Patons Classic Wool Roving in Dark Grey
Blogger – JDknits

This week I received a plea from another knitter to explain how in the heck you're supposed to sew up the Brioche Hat.

I'll admit it took me a while to bend my brain around its origami corners, but it was utterly worth it for such an unusual hat.

Since I couldn't really explain it very well, I took my hat apart and sewed it up again. This time with a video camera running.

(I knew there was a reason I hadn't sewn in all those ends yet!)


Now that I finally have a computer capable of viewing video, I don't have access to my unfinished hat, LOL. It's with my sister-in-law, whose knitting group has been trying to puzzle it out. K1Paula2