You know, that nice little paragraph at the very end of a pattern.  Even though this section is small, it is quite possibly the most crucial part.  You have spent hours upon hours of knitting your project, so why not take the time to finish your project correctly?

As you all know, for the last couple of weeks, I have been working on the Cables and Lace Hoodie.  After some holidays and a distraction or two, I have finally gotten to that little 'Finishing' paragraph at the end of the pattern.  The seaming that I have been dreading, is actually not too bad.  Of course, I did have to rip out the first sewed seam two three times.   I think I have the hang of it now and things are going quite smoothly.  The tips found HERE have been helpful.  However, it's taking me forever and  I suspect that this is because I have feared seaming for way too long.   Practice makes perfect, right?

It's funny, because I feel SO close to finishing this project, yet I still have just a  tiny bit more of finishing left to do!



Slow and steady wins the race!