The Finished Standout Cardigan

Project – Standout Cardigan
Pattern Book – #500886 Sumer Standouts
Yarn – Patons Silk Bamboo colorway #58425 Lotus

Ta da!

Its my first cardigan and I am very happy with my new sweater.

I love the ruffle.

This is a pattern I plan to use again.  It is pretty simple and the directions are very clear.  One thing to be careful with is knowing the letter of the sweater you want to knit.  There are four versions of the cardigan and they each have a corresponding letter.  The backs and sleeves are all the same, the differences are in the ruffle and neck opening.  I began this project with the intent to make the D version.  D has a v-neck and a small ruffle.  You may notice that my finished sweater does not have either of those features.  I mistakenly knit the clearly marked fronts for the B sweater, and did not even realize it until everything was seamed up and I was adding the button band.  I am OK with the error, I love the sweater as is and still plan to make the v-neck at some point.

The simple cut of this sweater means it can be worn with jeans and a t-shirt.  The beautiful yarn and drape also make it a good choice to pair with a black, silk tank and slacks.  So versatile.  definitely going to stay at the top of the sweater stack.

The Standout Cardigan, betcha can't  make just one.


Love the ruffle detail. I have that pattern book....if only I had the yarn! (LOVE the yarn.) -K1Paula2