Finished Hat

I'm loving the hat!  It's too cute.  I must confess it was a rough start, though.  For some reason, I had a hard time getting past the first row; my stitches kept getting twisted.  After ripping out the third time, I finally got the hang of it.  Keeping my needles on a flat surface helped.  Once I got past the first few rounds, the knitting got easy.

Although it initially looked like a blob, the thing on my needles soon resembled a hat.

I'm really pleased with the finished items.  I think the socks and hat make a cute gift set.  And they were quick knits, too!  With the holidays fast approaching, this would be a relatively easy project to finish in a short time.



What a pretty set! Aren't you proud?

What a gorgeous set. Did you give it away for a christmas present in the end? What yarn did you use, and what pattern. I have a lot of bernat books but don't remember seeing this pattern thanks

The set is simply stunning. I must locate the book now. I don't remember seeing these patterns either.