Finally Done: A T-Rex

Project – T-Rex Toy (free pattern)
Yarn – Patons Canadiana
Blogger – YoElizbo

RRRRR! It's a dinosaur! After a lot of knitting, a whole raft of sewing, it is finally, officially a T-Rex. And I am so happy with the final dino. I had to wrench it out of my kids's hands. They thought it cruel that I had never knit anything like this when they were little. But it has passed a critical test: kids (of all ages) love this toy.

Isn't he just too much fun? I love his quirky little smile and his little dino arms, open and ready for a hug. While I have to say this was one time consuming project, it was worth it.

So if you are brave enough, and want to get a jump on next year's Christmas knitting, here are some tips on knitting this dino-sized project:

1) Keep careful track of where you are in the knitting. As you can see from this picture:

I have highlighted rows every few rows to keep constant track of where I was in the row count. Since nearly every row is different, this pattern takes some concentration. If you deplore stockinette and love something challenging, this is the pattern for you.

2) You'll need more stuffing than you think. Thank goodness my mother's sewing room is like a mini Joanne's. I was able to swipe an extra bag she had "just tucked away," as she likes to say.

3) If you have never done duplicate stitch  before, by the time you are finished you can call yourself an expert. And the learning factor, aka uneven stitches, are just oversights of nature. Really, do living breathing dinos have perfect spots?

4) And finally, if you intend to ship this to someone in a far-flung place, or in my case, just over the mountains to a little town called Ellensburg, make sure you have a BIG box hanging around.

Weight isn't an issue, as this dino weighs next to nothing, but it is large.

I had hoped to tuck it in Santa's sleigh for the trip across the pass, but Priority Mail did the task without getting snide looks from the elves for cutting into their business.



He's adorable! What a cute little Dino-tummy, too. I bet you were a little sad to send him to his new home!

The boys here were really bummed when he went in the box, but they knew he was going to their little cousin, so they okay with it since Dino was going to a good home.

He is ADORABLE! I love his bulgy eyes and the wrinkly snout!

Those eyes are hilarious!

WOW is he cute! Who do you have over in Ellensburg? My Oldest Son is at Central.

I have a whole bunch of family in Ellensburg! My favorite aunt, my cousins, and now their kids! I love it over there.