The Final Countdown

Introducing.... My final project in the Baby Gifts book! I'm taking the crochet Bear Puppet Blankie and giving it a grown up spin. Instead of crocheting this adorable bear head and attached blanket, I'm making this blanket as a big old granny square in the new Bernat Mosaic yarn, thus giving it a more sophisticated appeal.

I can't wait to share with you my progress!



This is so cute! I am excited to see the project with Bernat Mosaic!

Thanks, Rose! You're in for a surprise -- the blanket is turning out to be very un-babylike! :)

I'll be interested in seeing the finished project. I'd like to do a granny square afghan and not sure how to get it started.

Correction - curious to see if there's a way to use the granny square pattern by crocheting in rows instead of rounds.

I think so... I'm not a crochet expert but I think you would start with a chain the length of one side of the square, then do clusters every other stitch or so, if that makes sense?

I am trying to find the book with this pattern in it.