Felted Fair Isle equals fun!

Project - Fair Isle Tote
Patons Project Book - 50087 Family Felting
Yarns - Patons Classic Wool in Cloverleaf, Magenta, Cherry, Paprika, Aran, Dark Grey Mix
Blogger - knittinjen

I can put outfits together, I know what I like in my house décor but I will be darned if I can choose Fair Isle colors on my own. So this time I went with what is already done for me – well close enough anyway.

I selected some of the new Patons Classic Wool colors in place of a few the pattern suggests. Felting will mute them down a bit and I can’t wait to see the before and after images!

This pattern has been on my radar since I started blogging for Patons Yarns just over a year ago.  In fact I nearly took it on as my first project and opted for the felted Slippers for Her (same pattern book!) instead. Now, I’ve heard from a few fellow bloggers, who shall remain unnamed, that they too have eyed this pattern and there has even been some name calling. Well, I am not above rubbing in the fact that: neener, neener – I got it first, I got it first!

– knittinjen


Oh, go ahead. Name me. But if you hadn't already chosen that project, I might not be finishing up the Felted Knitting Tote! I've done a lot of felting, including a bag with a few rows of fair isle, but never an entire fair isle piece. I'll be interested to see how it turns out!

Wench! I will say it again, Double Wench!! I so wanted to knit this. Will probably do it anyway since I have the pattern book from my felted slippers. Love everything in the Family Felting pattern book. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Looks great. I love felted patterns and bags!