Felted and Fini!

Project – Felted Posy Bag (knit)
Patons free pattern (download here)
Yarn – Patons Classic Wool in Mercury, Wisteria, Currant, Water Chestnut, Royal Purple, Lemongrass, Leaf
Blogger – YoElizbo

After I got the Felted Posy Bag all felted and ready to put together, I started out by trimming off the tails.  I rarely weave in tails when I felt--not when I can just clip them off afterward:

And cutting out the leaves:

Truly this bag could not be any easier to put together, yet when I got to the flowers I knew I wanted to do more. I couldn't just sew it together--I had to do some embellishments. I LOVE to embellish felting--with just about anything, needle felting, embroidery, beading, buttons-- and this bag turned out to be no exception. So cute little flowers like this:

Turned into my own little pansies.

And then a garden of them:

Using just basic embroidery stitches--French knots, outline stitch and blanket stitch--I had way too much fun sewing them up. You'll have to excuse my gushing joy over their cuteness. I have nothing but guys in my house. All I get when I start using the words "cute" and "ooooh" in the same breath, is an empty room as they flee downstairs to play Wii.

So now it is time for the close up of Side 1:

And then Side 2:

Yes, any way you do this bag is going to be unique--one look at the other projects online will tell you that--but I think a little embroidery on felting adds just that extra pop to it.

Some notes and tips: The bag can be knit with just one skein for the body, but only if you use purchased handles like I did and don't make the button loop. But you will knit down to the last inch or so of the skein. I only ended up using four of the flowers--having done so much embellishment, when I tried to put them all on, it got a little overpowering. When I knit it again, (notice I said, "when" not "if") I might add some more increases to the body to make it a little bigger, so then I would need the two skeins.

Oh, good grief! I just noticed something. For some reason the Wisteria flower went missing. I just realized this as I was looking at the pictures.

And then after the washing machine:

So if anyone is missing a sock and has found a felted Wisteria flower in their washing machine, I think we can work a swap.

Besides that unwitting mishap, my Mother's Day gift was a hit, and now it is on to Father's Day, which I will be starting as soon as I finish my Lacy Top. What do you think would make a good father's day gift? And KnittinJen, don't you dare say "an afghan."



Adorable! The flowers even look great before you added them to the bag. The embellishments you added turned it from a great craft project into a work of art.

I turned out so cute I was going to take it to lunch the other day out with a girlfriend, but I knew she'd steal it. She's that sort of friend. And while I plan on making another one, she can't have this one.

You're too chicken to take on an afghan for your dear ole dad?! Then here's MY suggestion: a in depth, really technical, all cabley, aran pullover fit for a king! How do you like that idea? Incidentally, the purse is Oooooh Cute!! (Spoken by another mom who's the only girl living in the house) we need to stick together.

We are totally sisters in this situation. They just don't do cute. As for an all over Aran Cable--are you nuts? For my dad? He'd wear it fishing and get fish guts all over it. And while I know they were originally knit just for that sort of activity, someone else can knit that for him. :)

The flowers are perfect. What a great project!