Featured Yarn Giveaway: Bernat Softee Baby

Bernat Baby Month continues with a look at one of our all-time favorite baby yarns - Bernat Softee Baby!

Ultra soft, machine washable,  and available in colors ranging from traditional baby pastels to fun, playful brights, Bernat Softee Baby is a standout yarn for baby projects.

Color is key when it comes to making pieces for little ones, and we want to know what you think! What are your go-to colors for baby projects? Do you stick with sweet pastel shades or do you like to spice it up with brights? Let us know and you could win this week's giveaway!

One lucky commenter selected at random will receive a copy of the Softee Baby Pattern Book #530186: "Color Me Cute" and 3 balls of Softee Baby to get working on their next baby project!

Comment on this post and tell us about your favorite hues for baby pieces before August 20th and you'll be eligible to win! We'll be announcing the winner on August 22nd.


I love using white:chocolate & either pink or blue!

I love to crochet. I make sweater sets and blankets for all my friends and they love it.

I love using the gentle "baby" tones for making baby blankets, but I am starting to warm up to some of the brighter colours.

for babies I like brighter colors like purple and hot pink or bright green and teal

I like Bernat baby yarn, because it is soft just like a baby. It is easy to work with and can make beautiful things with it.

Love bright colors for baby clothes and toys. Thanks for the contest!

I like using teal and for little girls. I feel like girls get so much pink which is sweet but a change is nice. I also like pairing yellow with white to make a warm buttery type color for blankets. I like the tradtional pastels but also more modern... I just like all colors :)

I love all blues and greens, lighter shades for the summer, richer shades for the winter

Love the new baby color schemes. The possibilities are endless. I am always making baby things. Bernat has the best options for new baby items. thanks!

Love baby softee all colours-wishing there was a black-

Would love to see some darker colors, solids and mixes especially for boys.

Depends on the parents. Sometimes I use traditional baby pink/blue white or cream. But often I will do more modern colours. I especially love vintage patterns in modern hues.

I have been using alot of peach and peach yellow combinations, its a great "other" color for a girl. For the boys I'm using a color combination of yellow and green. love bernat yarn I've never been dissapointed with the yarn quality.

I love using gender neutrals for newborns, like browns reds oranges and bright blues.

I like BRIGHT colors when knitting for babies! I like to make blankets in different squares, and knit in the babie's name in one square. I also do sweaters, hats, and booties.

I love to use brights for baby projects! Pastels are cute, but even then I'll pair them with a dark colour like grey or brown to change it up a bit.

I love lavendar and yellow for baby projects

My favorite hues are whatever I happen to be looking at right then and there...I love them all.

I love making baby stuff in greens and browns. And I love the Bernat Softee Baby. Sometimes it's hard to find.

Like soft coral and mint and lavendar!! Would love to make sweater for my granddaughter who is about a year and half old and see a floral pattern swirly skirt in the same colors!

I love baby yarn, so soft and such pretty colours. I like pale greens and yellows but I also like the varigateds too!

What a great giveaway! Thanks for that! My favorite hues for baby pieces are - mint, mango and aqua.

I like to knit baby items in hues of green or aqua.

If I don't know girl/boy, I like mint green, lemon yellow, white and lavender.

I would love to see baby yarns in the current fahion colors, just like other yarns. You're never too young to be in style!

I like Baby Ombres in Lavender and Blues, Pink and Lavender. cocoa, green and white is nice too!

I LOVE baby blue, brown and white for boys!! Making a blankie for my grandson now!! :)

I love all the softee baby colors, but the pinks are my favorite since I have a granddaughter and another granddaughter on the way!!

I love brights for babies... knit or crochet items, i do both!

I love the lemon yellow and soft red!

Of the colors that are typically offered in baby yarn, I use green, yellow, peach, and white most often. I'd love to see some diversity in colors offered, though. I'm kind of tired of the selection, and I'd like to make things that fit the families I'm making them for rather than be pigeonholed into a limited number of colors.

My favorite baby colors are the variegated colors...just love making baby blankets with them. Would be nice to see some baby colors not in the pastel range also!

I love any soft color for a baby! Especially blues and greens.

I like a range of colors not just pastels. Its hard to find a baby yarn thats not pastel.

I love bright colors. Teals, Pinks, Bright blue!

Mint greens and yellows! Gender neutral :-)

I love the variegated yarns. Depending on the project, you get so many different colour blocks from them!

i usually make over-sized baby blankets (not clothing) and tend to tailor the colors to the personalities of the family and new baby. if they are hip young at heart parents i might go with a new trendy color or if they are more traditional i might stick to the more customary blue, greens, pinks and yellows of baby land :D

I like to use less of the pastel baby colors and more of the strong colors - Navy for a boy is a nice change. A deep rose for a girl!

I like dark blue for boys and purple for girls.

I love colors that are bright & cheerful, but if I know Mom has a favorite color or color combo, I try to go with that. Mom will be looking at whatever I make, so I like to be sure she'll like it, too!

I like to use bright colors when I make baby blankets! :)

Love, love , love working with pinks and blues!!!

Generally, for preemie/charity knitting, white or pastels (not yellow or green) are preferred by hospitals. But for babies in general, I love knitting with bright jewel colors that will catch their eyes and help them focus. Black, white, red -- and other bright colors -- are terrific developmental colors that will stay with the baby for years. I always hope to hear that the toddler is still using the blanket I knit for her/him and pastels don't attract toddlers and older children.

I love the Tiny Tulips. Knits up beautifully. Also love making "pink, white, and blue" combos when I don't know whether the newborn will be male or female! Win-win!!

I love lavenders, greens, blues, yellows, pastels & bright colors. It really depends on who I'm making it for & if the gift is for a boy or a girl.

I love pink and blue :)

I like a nice soft baby pink in combination with something else like a bright spring green, a cloud-like cream, or a heathered purple; colors that remind me of spring, Easter, or flowers, at least for a baby girl project. For baby boys I prefer something earthy (a dusty brown or hunter green) with a nice navy and a lovely cream; colors that make me think of smokey libraries and Oxford tweeds.

I like using either green, blue or pink for most baby projects. But I'm really liking the pyjama party color in the Softee Baby yarn!!

I love chocolate brown - blue combination