Featured Yarn Giveaway: Bernat Pipsqueak

Hold on to your hooks and needles, it's time to talk about one of our new baby yarns - Bernat Pipsqueak!

Bernat Pipsqueak is soft and fluffy, and great for anything that will be close to baby's skin. In baby blankets, Bernat Pipsqueak is a soft and comforting hug in traditional baby shades. In toys, Bernat Pipsqueak makes the ultimate in huggable and squeezable friends.

The Bernat Free Pattern Library features lots of free patterns that make use of the possibilities of a textured yarn like Bernat Pipsqueak:

and there's even a book!

Bernat pattern book #530209: Blankets, Bunnies and Bears

We can go on about our yarns all day, but we'd like to hear more from you! What do you like in a baby yarn? What do you look for in color, texture, or weight? Let us know and you could win our Bernat Pipsqueak Giveaway!

One randomly selected commenter will receive the Bernat Pipsqueak pattern book 530209: Blankets, Bunnies, and Bears and 3 balls of Bernat Pipsqueak in the color(s) of their choosing.

Comment on this post and be eligible for our giveaway! All comments posted by August 13th, 2012 are eligible for the prize! A winner will be announced on August 15th.


How cute is that?! Love the star blanket. I'm a beginner knitter and haven't work much with polyester yarn. Would love to win this. Thanks.

My friend is having a "miracle baby" boy in September after many many years of heartbreak. She is in her forties and we are all so excited for her. I would love to make something very soft for the baby. I think every baby deserves a blanket and a teddy bear. I can't wait to get started and I hope I win this contest. Thanks for the offering!

In baby yarns, I look for color and texture! Cannot have a rough or scratchy texture next to soft baby skin! Cannot have a garish-looking baby either!

My best friend just had a baby boy! I've been intending on knitting something for him and this would be a great start to a project for him!!!

I really like soft baby yarns in funky colors. I think making things in traditional soft colors like baby blue and baby pink is always classic and sweet, but finding unusual baby color is fun for a change of pace for baby.

I really like soft fuzzy yarn for baby stuff, especially something with a little bigger gauge like Pipsqueak.

I love the pattern book!! I will have to get it. I can not wait to try this yarn. It looks soft and fluffy! Love the baby blanket yarn!!

Love to use bernat baby yarns, the quality is always good.I am a new grandmother(2 months) enjoy making crocheted items for her.

I love to work in medium weight yarn for babies. I have crocheted 2 large baby blankets for my new grandbabies over the last 2 years and like to make them warm and snuggly soft so the wee ones are warm and cozy!

This yarn will be the perfect yarn to knit something for my newborn preemie granddaughter who has very dry skin. She needs a blankie made from it to have close to her to snuggle with! I just know that when it's made with Bernat Pipsqueak it will be her favorite blankie!

Im loving these colors! I think colorismy top pick when looking for a yarn! Hope I win

Baby yarn must be soft and snuggly. Love Bernat yarns! I work mostly with worsted weight, except when making something for a baby. I enjoy pastels and bright colors just depends on my mood and the pattern I have chosen. I am an avid crocheter and an occasional knitter. Biggest preference when choosing yarn is that it does not split easily. I have picked up this yarn before and have thought of using it, but wasn't enough of the color needed at the store I was in.

I would love this prize!! I just had a baby boy in June. What I look for most in yarns for him is softness and that they are easily washable.

I love using baby yarns to make socks. They come out thick & cushy, just perfect for house socks. I like a smooth, extra soft baby yarn. I look for bright colors and fun patterns. Pipsqueak is nice for blankets. Little scared to try it in socks because of the texture.

I look for durability that the baby blanket can be washed many times. They get dragged in strollers, layed down on all different kinds of ground, car seat and travels. I want them to last many years so that when the baby grows up it is still in good shape. I find that with Bernet products. I also like to turn the baby blanket into a pillow for the child when they are older so they can still hug it with the memories :)

This yarn looks really soft. I'd like to make some snowmen out of it.

For a baby yarn, I usually look for something soft, washable and brightly colored; I'm not a big pastel fan for babies, which rules out a lot of yarns. Light, bright colors like sky blue and yellow are fine, but not things like powder blue and pale yellow. I'm going to be an aunt in October, so I looked at a lot of baby yarn recently.

thei looks really soft. It would make some cute snowbabies!

I love pipsqueak!! I made a circle afghan with the blue and white and it looked like I had made two different patterns, one on each side.

I would love to work with the yarn. it looks like such nice soft yarn and the patterns are so cute.

Lets see, I look for a light medium weight to bulky depending on what I am making. I love the softness of a baby yarn. While I enjoy the softer colors I would LOVE to see some bold colors too. It is hard to find something that is a little more "grown up" or boy, not baby boy. But I make what I can! I do love to make baby gifts tho. I even have 2 planned for the next few months!

Love how soft the Pipsqueak yarn. It is great that you have put out a book.. thank you sooooooooo much

How I would love to win this! The only yarn in my cache is worsted weight. I've got about 100 projects needed done and the top of the list is both my sons' baby blankets. Both are toddlers now but they can never have enough blankies!

Oh my goodness, how cute is that pink bunny??? I love boulce yarns for stuffed toy making - it makes them extra soft and huggable. I also prefer bulky/super bulky yarns for baby blankets - they stitch up so fast and the end result is always something super soft and squishy!

This yarn looks so soft and fluffy! Would love to make some gifts for all of my friends's babies with this!

My mother taught me how to crochet. She would crochet baby sweaters with matching booties and blankets for all the new babies in our family. She passed away last year and now it is my job (pleasure) to continue the tradition. I would to win this so that I can make my great niece a set for her arrival in february. Thanks for letting me enter your contest.

Would Love to win the yarn, it looks sooooo soft.

I love pipsqueak and would love to make something from the book for my god daughter. so Soft!!!

This looks absolutely gorgeous. I knit for the little preemies in hospital and need a very soft yarn so their skin isn't chaffed, lots of different pastel colours too - I can't use pink or blue because that would restrict which ones the nurses could use i.e. being a neutral colour they could be used for either a boy or girl.

I love soft yarns. Especially baby yarns. They give so many options to what you are making and always soft and acceptable.

I love Bernat yarns. The colors are usually the right shades for baby items, depending on what I've decided to work on and in what color family. I've tried mixing different Bernat baby yarns in the same project, and so far it seems to work. I'm currently using my leftover Baby Coordinates to make a multi-color baby afghan.

I love bulky baby yarns so the project works up quickly. Yarn must be soft for baby and not shedding little fuzzies!

I would love to win this yarn, would use it to make baby afghan for charity. Thanks and keeping my fingers crossed.

I love baby yarn. It's my favorite. I look for SUPER soft yarn, and I normally like to go for either organic cotton or something really fuzzy and snuggly. I'm actually currently making a baby blanket with Pipsqueak, and I love it! I would love to do some other baby projects with it!

Love baby stuff. New grandson and new grand niece. They will keep those needles busy. Nice additions.

So cute! Loved making a baby blanket with the Bernat Baby Blanket yarn and I would enjoy winning this yarn!

This looks really yummy! Generally I prefer bolder colors but once in a while it's great to make something pastel. Love the ombres pictured.

Would love to try out some of these patterns with the new yarn! It looks super cute and fun to work with :)

I love soft yarn for babies that can be thrown in the washer and dryer and come out looking like new. For colors, pastels are fine but I love bright primary colors. I know many parents that want gender-neutral colors and primary colors are great for that.

Baby #2 on his way in Oct/Nov and would love to have baby yarn to make gorgeous baby things. This would be great!

I used Pipsqueak yarn to knit a baby afghan but decided not to give it away because the blanket did not turn out square. (as I worked on the afghan, my tension loosened quite a bit). When my daughter saw the blanket she wanted it anyway, and it turned out to be her son's favorite blanket. He can't sleep without it cuddled to his face. I ended up making my grandson a smaller version to keep at his daycare and then made him a bunny from the leftover yarn. The feel of this yarn is amazing. I now have adults asking me to make them blankets!

Love these. I have a niece due in December. So if I won I would have a lot of new ideas for things to make for her.

Love these yarns! There are so many baby items I need to make for friends and this yarn is so perfect for that!

Luv the bunny hooded blanket. This yarn looks awesome cant wait to give it a try..

I make baby afghans for the Women's Shelter. I'd love to work with this soft yarn.

In baby yarn my first priority is softness, followed by color choices. I like soft colors, but nothing too pale or washed out. I also look for something economically priced that is durable AND washable. This looks deliciously soft and colors are beautiful. I'm loving the patterns!

Would love some of this yarn! Looks like its so soft!!

I love incredible softness in my baby yarns. I love the soft colours, wonderful tufts and medium weights when I choose baby yarn. I totally love the feel of the Pipsqueak yarn, so soft and squishy! I made the most adorable huggable toy ever using Pipsqueak and it was a complete success for my first ever toy. I have made some wonderful baby pillows too that were just too soft and comfortable for words.

The Pipsqueek yarns looks Fab! Crocheting for Babies is my passion. Thank goodness I have 2 Grandaughters! I would love to win the pattern book and Yarn. Bernat has so many cute baby and children patterns to choose from. It isn't unusual for me to have 4 different projects going at the same time.

I have already knitted the hooded baby blanket in Pipsqueak for a gift--Mother was thrilled with the softness of the blanket.I liked how quickly it knitted up. I was born on Easter at 6AM(that is why I am fluffy)--used to think bunnies brought babies in your Easter basket and always hoped for a brother or sister in mine.LOVE,LOVE,LOVE bunnies -- would so like to win the pipsqueak and book of patterns-my next project would be the bunny:)--can be for a boy or girl. Oh,one last thing,my sweet deceased husband(died on our daughter's 9th b/d) knew how much I like Easter so when I was pregnant with one first daughter(due in May)he gave me a filled basket on Easter. She is 40 now and still the bunny leaves her Easter goodies in the basket I received before she was born.