Featured Yarn Giveaway: Bernat Baby Coordinates

We're ending Bernat Baby Month on a high note with this week's Featured Yarn Giveaway and a look at our most popular baby yarn - Bernat Baby Coordinates!

Made of super soft, sport-weight acrylic and available in a wide range of beautiful shimmery shades, it's no surprise that Bernat Baby Coordinates is a fan favorite for making adorable afghans and garments for little ones.

We at Bernat love to hear from you, and this week we want to know who gets most of your baby projects! Do you make baby gifts for family and friends, or do most of your baby projects go to charity? Let us know in the comments, and you could be entered to win our final Bernat Baby Month giveaway! One lucky commenter will be selected at random to win 3 balls of Bernat Baby Coordinates and a copy of our "Great Gift Ideas" pattern book.

Tell us who you make your baby projects for in the comments of this post before Wednesday, September 5th and you could be our lucky winner! We'll be announcing the winner on September 7th.


I currently make my baby projects for myself. I'm due in 2 weeks and I still have so much knitting to get done for my little girl! More yarn is always welcome!!

I make baby outfits and blankets for our church' s local mission project. We give clothes and blankets to our hospitals for parents who are not prepared to take their baby home.

I used to only knit baby blankets, hats, and shoes for family, friends, and charity. Then, when I found out I was pregnant last year, I started knitting a lot more, and even selling some items. Now, my daughter inspires me and I've even started crocheting. I'm working on a christening gown, Christmas outfit, and mermaid Halloween costume :-)

By the way, the post should say to enter by SEPTEMBER not August...

Mostly goes to friends and coworkers, I have a very small not-baby-making-at the-moment family lol

Family and friends get most of my handcrafts - a new nephew got a blanket yesterday made with Bernat handicrafter cotton.

My niece Jewel is now 5 months! She gets all the rockin' baby items I make. I've knitted for her: blankets, leg warmers (super cute), hats, dresses, mittens and sweater coats! Now I am working on some stuffed toys with velcro limbs because she loves to tear things apart! @.@

I am always looking for fun things to knit for my 2 yr old grandson. I used Bernat Baby yarn to knit him his first blanket and booties. I love the yarns!

I agree this is wonderful yarn. I belong to Project Linus and made several blankets for with Baby coordinates.

Assume you mean post a comment by Sept. 5th, not August 5th, since this post is dated August 28th! So just in case... Right now I am making baby items for my pastor's wife. Truly one of the sweetest people I have ever known! God decided to bless them with a third child when they thought they were done and had donated all of their previous baby's clothing and goods to others. Guess you just never know. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

Hi Denise! Yep, the giveaway deadline is September 5th, not August 5th. Thanks so much for letting us know! The post's been updated and should reflect the correct date now. Good luck! :)

I love to crochet baby things whether there is baby on the way or not- its handy to have something ready when someone is blessed with a new baby!

I belong to the "Caring Crafters Club" in our Adult Community, where we crochet Chemo Caps and soft cuddly blankets for the children and shawls for the adults, and we deliver them to the local hospitals. I also have three grandchildren and one great niece, and I enjoy crocheting blankets and hats for them. And of course I love making special baby blankets for my friends' new babies. My favorite yarn to work with is Bernat Baby Coordinates - I just finished a baby blanket using the Soft Blue - it is such a beautiful blue. I've made so many baby blankets and Bernat is the best. Thank you, Madeline T.

I love Bernat yarns! I have 3 grandchildren that I knit and crochet items for. From hoodies, blankets, socks, toys and the list goes on and on, and on. Birthday's, Christmas and as the family grows so does my knitting.

[Sending this a second time - I wasn't sure if my first comment was sent - Thank you] I belong to the “Caring Crafters Club” in our Adult Community, where we crochet Chemo Caps and soft cuddly blankets for the children and shawls for the adults, and we deliver them to the local hospitals. I also have three grandchildren and one great niece, and I enjoy crocheting blankets and hats for them. And of course I love making special baby blankets for my friends’ new babies. My favorite yarn to work with is Bernat Baby Coordinates – I just finished a baby blanket using the Soft Blue – it is such a beautiful blue. I’ve made so many baby blankets and Bernat is the best. Thank you, Madeline T.

Always coworkers and their wives -- over the last decade, I've worked with many younger people just starting families, so there's never a shortage of little ones on the way that I can knit something special for.

I only make baby projects for family and friends. I hope your blog post was mistaken in indicating that the deadline is August 5th, since the post first appeared on August 28. I suspect it was supposed to be Sept. 5, since the results will be posted on Sept. 7. Thanks for the blog and contests! I especially like the KALs and CALs.

Hi Karen! You're absolutely right, the deadline is September 5th. The post has been updated with the correct date. Good luck, and thanks for letting us know! :)

For many years I tried to have a baby of my own, but it wasn't to be. I love making baby clothing and blankies, and have made sets for all of my family's little ones as they come along. A lot of my friends and family kept asking why I didn't make a business from my skills, so I have recently started a small business making baby clothes and baby shower gifts. I use a lot of Bernat yarns, because they are such a well known and trusted brand. When I put the Bernat yarn type and wash instructions on my finished blankies, baby hooded towels and tiny layettes it shows that I use reliable high quality materials. I love the consistent quality too, no worries about split or damaged strands in mid skein!

I love to knit for my 8-month old grandson! I also knit for co-workers babies -- everything from blankets, sweaters, bibs, slippers, and hats!

While I don't have very many friends or family having babies at the moment, I am (as always) still working on baby gifts to donate! The craft group I started makes baby blankets and baby hats for the local hospitals' NICU and various baby items to donate to shelters all over South Florida. While I definitely love donating my items and knowing they are going to someone who will need and appreciate them, I do enjoy all the pictures that I receive when the gift is for a friend or relative! (;

I make baby things for my grandchildren and friends who are having babies. Everyone always seems so amazed that I have actually made something instead of just buying something.

Before this year, I made most baby items as gifts for nieces and nephews new babies. In March, a granddaughter was born, so now most of my baby items are for her.

Friends, family, neighbors, co-workers...I love to gift baby things to everyone!

Besides making things for my kids, I enjoy making baby gifts for family and friends. This year has been especially busy with 3 new baby gifts already given and 3 more still need to be done!

With 2 granddaughters, ages 5 1/2 and 18 months, guess who I knit for! In face I have a sweater on my needles right now for the older one, who picked out the yarn herself: Bernat Baby Coordinates "Candy Baby". No pastels for this dynamo!

I've just been making Mauve to Purple Baby Hats for my knitting group to donate to the 'Shaken Baby Syndrome' Project. I pray they make a difference!

I love your bernat yarns. I have 5 grandchildren and a great niece and nephew who get most of my crochet projects from blankets, hats, snuggly teddy bears and toys to leg and wrist warmers. Funny I don't seem to have time to make things for myself so I have my mom make sweaters for me. I would be thrilled if I won your yarn to make another project!!

I knit for friends babies. It is so much fun making little items. I plan on delivering some hats for the newborns at the hospital

I'm among the heaviest users of Bernat...big, soft blankets for all babies who come our way in our large extended family. My arthritis kept me out of "twitching", as my family calls it, but I've found a treatment that has me back in the game. Hurray!

I had 3 neices get married in the last 2 years--now we have one new baby with another one on the way. I've made baby blankets for both new babies.

For many, many years I've crocheted baby blankies for PICC (Pediatric Interim Care Center -- a newborn nursery caring for infants exposed to drug-exposed mothers) while waiting for a grandchild to crochet for. Three weeks ago my first granddaughter was born and she has a nursery filled with Barnat made blankies, sweaters and hats. I just switched from yellow and greens to pink, pink, pink, and love every little stitch I make for her. Along with baby things for my niece's newborn, too. I've also crocheted numerous afghans for every family member over the years. This grandmother loves making and giving the gift of a colorful, warm, snuggly afghan of all sizes.

I love to knit and crochet. I'm always making something, mostly for friends or charity.

I donate all the items I knit or crochet to Julie's Mission. We are a 501 c (3) organization that makes knit and crochet items to be given free of charge of hospital NICUs all over the U.S. and here in South Carolina. We have over 75 ladies that knit and crochet items and the oldest is nearing her 100th birthday. I also knit and crochet prayer shawls to be given to persons in need of comfort.

I have 13 grandchildren, the youngest is 4 weeks old and we have one due the first of December! I am starting a Winter crochet outfit for my 4 week old and have ordered yarn for my g'baby due in Dec. I will most likely do a Winter layette for him/her...that's right we are going for a surprise with this one! I am also crocheting premie caps for a hospital in GA where two of my grandchildren were born. I do it in memory of their brother that died two days before he was due...a very hard time for our family. We think of our little angel often and crocheting the little caps helps. Happy knitting and crocheting to all!

I make most of my baby blankets and hats for family, friends and for donations.

Family and friends get most of what I make.Grandkids always get whatever they want!

I make most of my baby stuff for my neice. I love to be able to make her things and she looks so cute in them! Thanks for the chance to win!

Bernat baby yarns, particularly Baby Coordinates, are the first yarns I began making baby things from : ) I have 5 young grandchildren, 2 that are a year or under, who I make most of my projects for. I have also made some items for NICU at Children's Hospitals so I know that three balls of Baby Coordinates could go a long way in making projects.

Most of my projects go to the local hospital maternity ward for the new babies. We have mothers who would have nothing to take their new little one home in without our knitting group.

I have 4 children ranging from 9 all the way to 4 months. So I am always busy making them things such as sweaters, hats, scarves, and more!

I love to crochet for babies...most of the things I make are for a woman's enrichment center who give the items to babies in distress or are having family challenges. The items that are made are mostly baby hats, blankets, preemie items and other needed things for warmth and comfort. This is very satisfying and a rewarding way to show love to these precious babies.

I have a granddaughter, and I can make lot's of cute items!

I've just started knitting for babies and have knit for friends' babies, and am looking forward to lots more baby knitting for friends, family, and charity. Thanks!

I make lots of knitted things for my grandbabies. Currently I am working on a jacket and hat for a three year old. One of our neighbors is expecting a baby and I have made a Bavarian crocheted blanket for her. I also knit for a charity which provides sweaters and blankets for needy children in Africa. My needles are always busy and a small friend recently asked me why I always knit and that she needs a new pink hat.

Most of my hats and baby clothes go to the St Joseph's NICU. It's so amazing how something as simple as a tiny hat can bring a smile to a parents face and remind them they and their families aren't the only ones praying for their premie. I have also given blankets to both babies and the siblings. It can be tough on an older child when their parents have to spend so much time in the NICU and a soft snugly blanket can be a comfort. But of course my own kids don't go without plenty of blankets, scarves and hats. And all my cousins get fingerless gloves at Christmas! This is Florida so we don't use too many mittens. Lol.

Ive made a lot of baby blankets before to donate, and I just found out my best friend is pregnant so Im getting started on a blanket for her as soon as I get the yarn!

I'm currantly knitting a shrug for my niece & about to start projects for my cousins new baby due near xmas time. In my 30yrs knitting, I can honestly say I've never made myself a thing. it gives me great pleasure knitting for others & I get to do what I love.

My baby projects are crocheted for family, friends, friends of my daughters, and co-workers. It is more satisfying to give a handmade gift than giving a purchased one:)

I make baby projects for family, friends, and charity. For some reason I find it very difficult to make anything for my own babies while I'm pregnant. I just finally received color inspiration for my to-be newest and I only have a month until (he or she) arrives!