Featured Yarn Giveaway: Bernat Baby Blanket

It's that time again! Every week during Bernat Baby Month, we'll be dedicating posts to some of our most-loved baby yarns and favorite baby projects, and this week we're talking about baby blankets and our very favorite yarn for creating them -- Bernat Baby Blanket!

Ultra-soft on baby's skin, machine washable, and available in a range of traditional baby-friendly pastels as well as vibrant variegates, Bernat Baby Blanket is the perfect yarn for this essential baby project.

As always, we want to hear from you! Are baby blankets one of your go-to baby projects? What are your favorite things to make for a new baby? Let us know and you could be this week's winner! One lucky commenter selected at random will win 5 100g balls of Bernat Baby Blanket yarn to kick start their next baby blanket project!

Tell us all about your favorite baby projects to make in the comments,  and you'll be entered to win! We'll be announcing the lucky winner on August 27th.


My favorite crochet project is definitely a baby blanket. There is so much scope for creativity, both in pattern and color. Gauge does not matter that much, which is convenient, and there is no fitting. And (one of my favorite points!), a baby blanket is a small enough project that I can finish it before I get bored with it! I crochet blankets to give as gifts; since my children are young married adults, they have lots of friends starting or adding to their families. I also crochet blankets for a local crisis pregnancy center.

I love to knit barrette dolls and coccoons.

Baby blankets are most definitely my go to. I have been making them forever and ever. Even my co-workers have come to expect baby blankets from me for the new babies in their families. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

My favorite baby project (gift) is a crocheted Christmas stocking, personalized with the new baby's name. It doesn't matter what time of year the baby is born, the stocking will be used eventually !

Great idea!!

My favorite baby project are blankets if I have enough time to make one. Otherwise I like to make heart pillows.

I like making hats and loveys. They are nice quick projects that can have a lot of variety--good for my short attention span and life with young children!

I love making baby blankets! I found an adorable crochet pattern that uses bobbles (clustered treble stitches) and it's so quick & easy, and the bobbles will be so fun for baby to chew on!

I love knitting for babies! Hats are always my first go-to because every baby needs a warm noggin... blankets and little socks are next, followed by bibs & burpee cloths.

I love making knit and crochet blankets, booties, hats and baby teething rings. I would use this yarn for a baby blanket for a friend with a baby on the way. I love this yarn!

I love making the cable blankets for baby gifts. I've made about 15 of them. In fact one of the babies who got one of these blankets wont use any other blankets. So I ended up making her a second one. These are super soft

I like making hats and blankets!!

I love to make baby hats!

My favorite baby item to make is the blanket. I always follow a pattern because they always come out so cute.

I love to make soft, warm blankets for new babies. I love the Bernat Baby Blanket because it works up really fast! I crocheted the first blanket above in mere hours and the new mommy loved that it had so many large holes. That way she could use it while the baby was still little without worry that the baby would smother.

I'm making a Bunny Blanket Buddy (pattern is on Ravelry) using Bernat Baby Blanket. This yarn is ideal because it is soft, squishy and machine washable and dryable

I love making him little leg warmers to go with his cloth diapers! I also just started making wool soakers to go over said diapers.

I love making baby sweater and hat sets. Also blankets are a great project to keep my hands busy while watching TV.

Baby blanket are my go to baby shower gift. All of my closest friends have one and each has been made specifically for them

I love to make hats and booties for new arrivals. In fact I crochet alot of items for our local hospital maternity ward. I also have made numerous cardigans and diaper covers. With the yarn pictured in the blog post I have made a very beautiful yellow star blanket. It is WONDERFUL to work with, I love Bernat for baby items for ease of use, and great colors!

Baby blankets and hats are my go to baby items. I try to size the hats for the babies age during the coming cold season.

Sweaters, hats, and booties with a matching blanket. :)

Everybody's going to write blankets, I guess... But blankets really ARE my favorite baby project/gift! Usually, though, I don't have the time to make one and then I go for hats. Only the kinds grown ups just can't wear, the stinking cute ones...

I love to make matching hat and bootie sets!

My favourite projects to make are crib blankets and hat/bootie sets. This year alone will see 13 bundles of joy enter the lives of my family and friends so I've been one busy crocheting girl!

I love making a whole set for babies including a hat, sweater, booties & blanket.

I make baby blankets for a charity called "Blankets from the Heart"

I love to make baby afghans, but hats and booties are a close second!

Another blanket fan!

My favorite projects for new babies are booties. They are fast, cute, and always a hit at baby showers!

I love to make baby booties and hats :)

My favorite project for babies is fingerless mitts. They are so cute and fun to make! They are a unique gift to give.


I love making blankets and hats for babies!

I just started knitting last year(new grandma) and I have made a basketweave baby blanket with hat and booties several times! Hat and blanket were used in birth announcement pix twice! I was so excited.

Afghans, Hats and Hoodies!!!

My favorite baby projects to make are blankets. Come fall when it starts to get chilly, it's soothing to work on a soft baby blanket for a new baby. Plus, it is a keepsake they can treasure and save!

I love making blankets for new babies if I have enough time! Otherwise I will make a hat or small teddy.

I like to make a hat or blanket for new babies.

I love to make blankets, booties and beanie's for boys, and for girls instead of a beanie I make a flower headband.

I love making baby blankets - most go to the NICU a friend is a nurse at.

I still like a blankie with both blue and pink edging. When mommy has her baby, it's sweet that everyone can unravel a bit of the yarn that's not needed (this time).

I have recently made some lovely jackets, hats and booties for my new grandaughter but the best thing was a cute wee knitted teddy bear...she loves it....

I am making lots of baby blankets at the moment, 2 of my friends recently had babies, and one of my best friends is due in January!! I used Bernat florals (orange blossom) to make one with big & small granny squares, and another with a shell border, they came out so pretty!!! I'd love to make a hooded one next!

i love to make a ABC blanket and a cute beanie hat to match!

I love making sweater and hat sets, or blankets for new arrivals. Love to use the variegated yarn since it patterns different everytime.

My favorites: blankets and booties!

Baby blankets are my go to project. Between knitting/crocheting for family, friends and charities I average about 6 a year. In fact, I have 2 I need to make before Thanksgiving. Leftover yarn gets used for hats and baby legs.

I make afghans using Bernat Baby Coordinates in white. I've made a LOT of them! :-)

I crochet a baby blanket for every new baby I know. In 2010 my friends were extremely fertile and I made at least a dozen blankets! My firstborn loves his baby blanket and has requested a new one :) now my friends are requesting blankets for themselves!