Faster than a speeding 4mm crochet hook

I read a lot of knitting blogs. I really enjoy reading about other knitters' successes and failures and everything that comes in between. I gotta admit though, I think I enjoy the failures the most. I especially love seeing seasoned knitters fail! It's not so much schadenfreude as a relief that even among the best of us, pobody's nerfect (groan!). It helps me "keep it real". Then once in a while, someone will blog something really evil like; "Oh, I don't know, it was so easy it just flew off the needles!". This is usually accompanied by a picture of some impossibly intricate gossamer lace shawl or colour-work floor-length coat. Is there a German word for hating that? Or even an English one for that matter?

Whatever the word, don't use it when I say; "Oh, I don't know, it was so easy it just flew off the hook!"




Okay, so a bunch of crocheted pieces does not a tea cozy make. I still need to sew 'em all together. But sirrusly you guys? FAST!

Oh, and before you go...


...I found the solution to my pillow form issue! If you recall, I was a little unsatisfied with the way my cable pillow turned out. I was all miffed about the corners not being perfect. Now look at em'!



What's my secret?


Quilt batting! Er, actually I think what I used was upholstery stuff of some kind, though I wouldn't know the difference having never quilted nor upholstered. I wrapped the batting around the pillow form to create a custom fit. I feel like a genius!



Yep, I'm amazed. I can't wait to see the cozy seamed up!