Family Slippers

Project –Basic Slippers
Bernat Pattern Book #530181 Great Gift Ideas
Yarn – Bernat Satin in 04309 Lavender and Bernat Softee Chunky in 40012 Nature's Way
Blogger – JenWKnits

My daughter told me she wanted a pair of lavender slippers.  A reasonable request,  I set out to look for them each time I went shopping. Months have gone by and I still haven’t found her slippers -  so I did what any good knitter would do: picked out yarn and a pattern so that I could make them for her.

The Bernat Basic Slippers for the Family pattern in the lavender shade of Bernat Satin seem perfect for this project.

Since these are family slippers and I haven’t owned slippers in years, I decided to make a pair for myself too.  I usually don’t like slippers and choose to walk around the house in knitted socks in the winter time – so these slippers seem like the perfect compromise for me.  I can’t wait to finish them and try them on.

For my own slippers I choose the Nature’s Way shade of Bernat Softee Chunky yarn.

Here’s the pattern book:

And the yarn (clearly, already loved):

My daughter and I are both excited about this project!  I hope knitting 4 of essentially the same thing won’t get too repetitive in the coming weeks.



Oh I love handmade slippers! It's the only thing we wear in our family.

To avoid the dreaded SS syndrom (second slipper OR sock) I usually knit both slippers at the same time. Because I have found that slippers like to disappear like socks do, I will knit two pair and same or even 5 slippers so if one goes missing or Rover chews it there is a handy replacement.

@ Dinapurls - I'm so excited to wear them! @ Eva - that is brillant to knit extras. My "rover" has been eyeing these...perhaps I should be nervous! Thanks for the comments, ladies :)

I LOVE handmade slippers! You're a smart one to make some. My favorite part of making my own slippers is that they are MY favorite color, and MY favorite design. :)

Good point Shandeh. I'm excited to wear them :)

Those will be adorable!

Thank you! I'm excited to show them to you when they are all done!