fall is in the air

Project – Four Needle Fingerless and Convertible Mittens
Patons pattern book #500876 Next Seven Steps: Mittens and Gloves
Yarn –  Patons Classic Wool #77605 Pumpkin
Blogger – terriknitspatons

I began this project at the very point  summer air became autumn.  A fluke to be sure, but what a nice happenstance.  Soft squishy wool the color of pumpkins gliding along fat needles as I sit by the fire.

I made the cuff a bit longer than the pattern calls for.  I like a long cuff and am not worried about  running out of yarn.

The thumb gusset game out great.

At the position where the flap top will begin, the pattern has you knit the row with a larger sized needle so that it will be easy to go back and pick up.  I found that using the bigger needle was not enough for me, the stitches looked pretty much the same.

So I used the option of  running a  length of yarn through the stitches after they were knit.  This is going to make picking up at the correct spot easy peasy.



Great idea with running the thread through. Will have to remember that. I can't believe how many tricks I learn from all of you.

Hello, I'm very sorry, I have a question about a diffrent pattern but can't find where to ask a question. I need help with making the second finger on a pair of gloves using 2 needles. I can't figure out where to reconect my yarn. Thank you, Jodie

Hi Jodie - I sent your question on to our pattern support folks. They should be contacting you via email.