Endless Cast On

Just a quick tip that I love sharing.

I've jumped into knitting my Mom's Sweater, and the first step is to cast on a bazillion stitches. Well, you know what I mean.

And here is the rub when it comes to casting on all those stitches, especially if you use a long tail cast on: Do I have enough yarn in the tail to cast on all the stitches?

There is nothing worse that having to cast on 150-250 stitches and get to about 30 stitches away from the end and running out of yarn. But I learned a tip a few years ago that is priceless and I love sharing it. Here it goes:

If you have two skeins, use the two ends from them held together. If you have one skein, grab the outside end and the inside end and hold them together:

Make a single slip knot out of the two of them:

And then start casting on. When you are done, just snip one of the yarn ends and keep on knitting with the other.

The beauty of doing it this way? You have an endless supply of yarn from which to cast on with. No running short! And if you want, you can count that doubled slip stitch as one stitch or two. And in no time you have your bazillion stitches cast on and you are knitting away:

What is your favorite tip for casting on?



My #1 rule? Avoid long-tail cast-ons whenever possible. I find long-tail way too stressful and never understood why so many people love it. At least now I have your tip to make it less stressful the next time a pattern calls for long-tail. My aunt taught me the wrong way to cast on - simple loops, so after knitting to the end of the row there was usually a large loop of yarn hanging there. No tension control, I guess. Once I realized that wasn't "right" I tried several methods from a knitting book and found the knitted cast on to be my favorite technique (probably because there are no tricks to remember). I'll use that unless a pattern specifies some other method.

It has only been a few months since I learned this trick. It is the best! Thank you for spreading the word to the knitting world.