Doing a Happy (Square) Dance

Project –  Mitered Blanket
Bernat Pattern Book #530199 Baby Gifts
Yarn – Bernat Baby Cakes
Blogger – Teresaknits

The mitered squares are coming along slowly but surely! I'm really happy with my color selection for this pattern – when I get tired of a certain color combination, I can easily switch to something else and feel like I've begun a whole new project! What's more, with the shorter rows of each color, I can carry up the ends rather than having to cut and weave them in, saving me hours of work later on!

Here are a few of the squares sewn together. I started seaming them together because: 1. I hate seaming and wanted a head start so I wouldn't have so much to do later and 2. I wanted to make sure that the squares were square enough to properly fit together. I'm hoping that some blocking will reduce the bunching up that's occurring in the center of the sewed-together blocks. Will that work, or do you have any tricks for eliminating that mountainy look and getting seamed squares to lay flat?



One reason it might be mountaining is that with Stocking Stitch (or Stockinetted Stitch) your little squares won't be exactly square. Remember that with this stitch, you usually have roughly 4 rows taking up the same space as 3 stitches. I believe that with this type of square, you are aiming for the same number of rows or stitches on each side. So, if you cast on 48 stitches, you would work 24 rows, giving you 24 stitches or rows on each side. But the sides with stitches should end up bigger than the sides with rows. Which, as I read this, doesn't explain a mountain - it would explain a ruffle, though! What shape do your squares have? Are the row sides bigger than the stitch sides or smaller? Judy


Judy, The finished corner of the square seems to be a bit longer and thinner than the rest of the corners, I think because there are a few short rows there that aren't anywhere else, and they might be getting stretched out from the weight of the squares on my needles. But for the most part they are square :) I think in seaming them together I can make them match up enough to look square and my son won't know the difference!

Oh, the weight probably does explain it. I wonder what effect blocking will have on this project. Judy

I love how this is progressing - I can hear the beach calling me.