DIY Embroidered Gift Boxes

DIY Embroidered Gift Boxes

Sometimes you just don't feel like gift-wrapping smaller presents, and that's totally fine! In fact, that's great! Today we're going to teach you how to embroider the take-out gift boxes you find in the gift-wrap aisle of your local craft store. It's super easy and a cinch to customize!


  • Design template - we've provided you with PDFs to print, make sure to print them on the "actual size" setting.
  • 18-24" of each shade of yarn outlined in the template. We used Patons Astra, which has a wide shade range and is 25% off with the code CLASSICS13! (The sale ends February 28, 2013.)
  • Cardboard take-out box (found in the gift-wrap aisle of your local craft store)
  • Tape - Scotch or painter's
  • Scissors
  • T-pin
  • Darning needle
  • Tweezers


1. Tape template to box.

2. Create holes by pushing T-pin into hole guides (marked by black dots).

We present: holes! Make sure your template and the tape are still secured to the box.

3. Thread your darning needle with the first shade of yarn. Going from the inside of the box to the outside, push it through a coordinating hole.

4. Pull yarn through (leaving a 1.5” tail) and push needle through next hole in design.

Follow all color guides until entire section has been completed, then cut yarn from the inside, leaving a 1.5” tail.

5. Use the same technique for the next shade.

Tip: When working on a larger area it’s easier to do every other section, then to go back and complete the lines.

Complete! ... well, almost.

6. Begin gently tearing the template off.

7. When you encounter pieces too small to tear off using your fingers, it’s time to wield the tweezers! Tip: If your yarn comes a little loose, simply tug it from the inside to tighten.

Fill with gifts, tchotchkes, or whatever you like.

That's it! This is a great project for small items - put some tissue paper in the box and slide your gift in there. We love to store jewelry, soaps, and small jars of tasty treats inside. You could also embroider a flat piece of cardboard and glue it to a larger gift box for a layered effect! Using this method, you can also trace out your own designs on a piece of paper. Here are some ideas:

  • Logo of the giftee's favorite sports team
  • Giftee's first initial
  • Map of the giftee's home state (maybe with a little heart over their hometown?)
  • An impressive moustache
  • A particularly photogenic animal - a dachshund, of course!
  • Rattle or bassinet for baby showers

What will you be putting in your take-out gift box? Let us know in the comments!

All the designs together

Line of embroidered gift boxes


Very cute! I love this idea. The next time I'm at a craft store I'll have to buy some of the cartons. They'll be good for "wrapping" smaller handmade gifts. I also love your manicure - I do the same combo sometimes, only I've put the silver on my nail tips. It wears like iron, even with all my knitting. - K1Paula2

I plan to use your templates as well as 'other suggestions' to make personalized cards (using card stock). Bless you for your creativity!

I loved.

Cute idea! Makes every gift box really special. Thanks for sharing :)

I've been trying to download the templates, but it keeps sending me to the main page. Help! Have they moved?