Diagnosis: ADD

Alright so this is not an official diagnosis by an educated practitioner but I work with psychiatrists and I’m pretty sure I could get any one of them to “make it so” for me. I absolutely cannot keep my attention focused on a project long enough to finish it. Some might say it’s a gift others might say (and I tend to lean this way) that it’s a curse. Gah! A part of me really wants to accomplish some finished projects and another part cannot help but start new one(s). What’s worse is I can’t seem to stop browsing online for more, more, more!

I’m even thinking of going over to the dark side (shhhh that can be our secret right?).


Of course, I don’t actually believe that crochet is the dark side. I really wish I had had an interest in the fiber arts when my great grandmother was alive. She did such awesome crochet! She made bedspreads for each of her grandchildren for wedding gifts using – wait for it – crochet thread! My mother still has hers.

See, I have ADD in my writing also. Stay with me…

Back to my self diagnosis of ADD, I know I’ve written about this before but how do you deal with unfinished projects (UFOs) or avoid startitis or don’t you worry, fret and agonize over such things?

The Diagonal Lace Shawl and the Feather and Fan Socks are fantastic projects. Can't help but love the yarns for both and am enjoying the portability of the sock as well as the just-thought-provoking-enough-lace-pattern. But I’m bored and want to start something new and exciting (said in an irritating and whiny voice).

Gah! What am I supposed to do?

I mean have you looked at all of the patterns available by Patons? Seriously, there are super cute things available. Sweaters for all of your peeps – simple to complex, mittens, hats, scarves, lace, toys, home deco, the list goes on and on! I have to write it again: GAH! What am I supposed to do?

Well this is getting me no where. Maybe it is time to try my hand at crochet. Yeah, that’s the ticket. ADD be damned.

Bright Squares Blanket from the Home Front book is just the ticket. The pattern is rated as “Easy” and I have done a bit of crochet so I feel pretty confident (stop laughing) that I can take this on.

I could use your input on color selection. I will be using Décor, a washable acrylic/wool blend, and I’m pretty attracted to the Chocolate Taupe and New Teal colors but the pattern requires nine balls of different colors.

Help me out, okay? Place your suggestions of colors in the comments and tell me what you think would look good with Chocolate Taupe & New Teal. You can see the full range of Patons Decor shades here.

– knittinjen


Don't go over to the dark side. You'll have to make space for the crochet yarn and the hooks and the projects. At least this is what I keep telling myself. But as for colors: Pale Bronze, Winter White, New Green, and maybe some burgundy to add some pop.

Love the Pale Bronze too. Great idea to add the sharpness of burgundy. Thanks!

hahahahahahahahaha - still laughing - hahahahahahahaha Man, just when I thought I was bad... j/k Welcome to the crochet side. I'm finding it very soothing over here. Colors.... Soft New Teal Aubergine New Green Aran

Just remember, you fell down the rabbit hole first blog sister!

I'm partial to the Rich New Green, Pale Bronze and (brace yourself) Rich Aubergine and Burnt Orange. It's hard to know without seeing them all side-by-side. Subtract the Burnt Orange, and I pretty much just listed the colors in the Secret Garden Variegated. And I noticed most of YoElizbo's colors are close to Green Earth Variegated - also great choices. Um, Knittinjen? Did you ever consider that crossing over to the dark side may double your number of UFOs? (I feel like I just came up with a story for the show Fringe with that sentence.) I try to be very disciplined. I know if I stop something it's unlikely I'll finish it. So I force myself to finish the current project before starting the new one. The new project is my reward for completing the first thing. Of course, my nickname even as a baby was Patient Paula.

Patient Paula, I like that! UFOs - HA!!! Does it count that I have yet to put together garter stitch squares and strips for an afghan that I started knitting about, hmmm, 30 years ago? Naaah, that doesn't count.

Try the crochet. But to choose the colours is not easy. I would select two more "blue" yarns like Navy, Soft New Teal, and some "bright" yarns like Grey Heather and White or Aran. I have the same problem. When I see new ideas I have immediately to start with them. And the other projects have to step aside. And with the kids, with the family, with the household there is not enough time to do all the things I want to do. That`s life! Annegret

Well said!

You definitely need either white or winter white, sage green, lilac, maybe a pale taupe. Good luck, while I know that it can be difficult to finish a project, the feelings you get when it is finished is worth sticking in there and getting it done. My only concern is that you are not only changing to crochet, but you are picking a blanket; ANOTHER large, time consuming project. I hope you are not setting yourself up for failure.

Thanks Debbie for your candid input. I agree with you, it gives you a sense of accomplishment when you finish something larger than life! I am still debating with taking on an afghan but maybe sticking with the craft I am comfortable with (and quicker at)!