Designer Project: Skate Pompoms

It's Pompomapalooza here in Bernat-land -- which as the daughter of a crafter and a child of the 80's, suits me just fine. Each day this week, us designers are posting simple ways to incorporate yarn puffs into our daily lives. Gift-giving, accessorizing, crafting, home dec-ing -- there are tons of ways to well, put a pompom on it!

Handmade poms, by my mom.

For my contribution, I'm flashing back to my early childhood in Colorado. My buddy Amy and I used to pretend we were born on wheels. We wore our roller skates whenever and wherever we could. Thankfully, my mom had a roller-queen spirit of her own and was thus totally on board for our escapades. She also seemed to feel that perfectly shaped pompoms (seriously, still to this day her versions are flawless) added a little "jazz hand" je ne sais quoi to any skating adventure. So today, I revisit that philosophy with my own daughter!

My daughter, age 3 1/2,  and her be-pommed skates.

Make your own Skate Poms:

Bernat Sheep(ish) by Vickie Howell Pompoms

Bernat Sheep(ish) by Vickie Howell 
(3 0z/85 g; 167 yd/152 m)
Contrast A  Hot Pink(ish)  (00007)  1 ball
Contrast B  Pink(ish)  (00008)  1 ball

Sharp scissors
Self-adhesive hook & loop tape squares (optional)

Using a strand each of Contrast A & B and the video below as a guide, make two pompoms.
If your skates have laces on them, leave tails on the pompoms for tying on.
If you're working with plastic toddler-style skates, cut tails and apply hook and loop squares to skate tops and pompoms.

Have fun!


She is just tooooo cute!!!

Oh...skate poms! Those were the

LOVE the poms, LOVE the pics.......gee, can't tell who's daughter Clover is! :-)