Decisions, Decisions (Or the Search for a New Project)

Choosing a new project has been rather vexing.  Initially I wanted to make something for my boys.  Since I was in the midst of Christmas knitting, I thought a small project would be a good choice.  Then the battle began: hats?  mittens?  sweaters?  Then I found something in stripes that didn't go over too well with my eldest.  He absolutely forbade the use of any striping (I'm still not clear as to why).

Since projects choices weren't getting us anywhere, we turned to colour choices.  Talk about leaving one's comfort zone!  Both boys gravitated to outlandish colours that weren't typically masculine.  How would we decide what to make?  And what colours would we choose?  This was proving to be more difficult than it needed to be.

Then we spied the answer to all our problems: toys.  While perusing the Bernat pattern booklet Great Gift Ideas, we found a few knitted toys where colours could be as outlandish as their imagination would take them.  I have made a couple of teddy bears and a few doll outfits (the latter were for my own dolls way back when).  And I must say that the ubiquitous toy is a great way to try out a new knitting technique  (my first ever successful invisible seams were made on a jacket for a teddy bear).

As soon as my yarn arrives, I'll be casting on for the little monster and the octopus.  I'm happy and the boys are happy.  Hopefully they'll enjoy the finished items too.



Ooo! That looks FUN!