Deciphering Lace

Project – Girl’s Cardigan
Bernat Pattern Book #530195 Mini Me
Yarn – Bernat Baby Cakes in Pool Party
Blogger – michellecrochets

Since I eliminated the pleats at the top of the bodice of the Girl's Cardigan - which reduced the number of stitches across - I had to get resourceful in arranging the lace pattern at the top of the cardigan.  I did a number of test swatches of the lace and couldn't quite get it to come out right and REALLY couldn't figure out how to reduce the pattern repeat.

After much searching for something that would complement the single crochet/double crochet stitch I did on the bottom, I found a lattice stitch pattern that looked nice.  Essentially, you are putting a double crochet and a single crochet in the same stitch, chain 2, then skip two stitches and repeat.  I was surprised and glad when my daughter declared she really liked it.

An accidental difference in construction is that I ended up with a bottom portion of the cardi that is long enough on its own - the original pattern bottom stopped around the top of the tummy and mine was long enough to stretch from the hip to the armhole.  It will be fine, but it was an unintentional variation of the pattern.  It caused me to realize that I needed to start the sleeve at the same time as the lace pattern.   In the original version of the pattern, the lace pattern was worked for 4 or so rows before adding the sleeve portion and continuing.

Barring any new challenges, I hope to show you the picture of the completed cardi next week.  Wish me luck!



good luck and I cant wait to see what it looks like complete :)