Cute Sock

We have a sock!  A cute one at that.  And it being a small sock, the knitting went super quick.  I think I managed this one in a few days which is fast for me  'cuz I'm a slooooow knitter (I'd even call myself turtle-esque).  Granted I also have sock experience but typically it takes me 2 weeks to churn out one sock.

Starting the first row is always a challenge, but I think  it proved extra challenging given the "bumpy" nature of the yarn; it was hard to tell if all my purl stitches were on the same side when I had to join.  And I found it hard to "read my stitches" at first.

The pattern (from Bernat pattern book Stretchy Sets) is a great one for the sock beginner, but I'd consider practicing on a smoother yarn first, especially if you've NEVER made socks or NEVER knit in the round.   Of course if you're feeling brave, go for it!

Given the stretchiness of the yarn, my usual habit of pulling the first stitch to avoid ladders didn't work too well.  It created ladders!  Thankfully all the bumps hide a multitude of "sins".  And ladders seemed to disappear when I stopped pulling and just rotated the end-stitches by slipping them onto next needle (I use a ring marker to indicate the beginning).

I'm ready to start the second sock.  Hopefully it and the hat will be completed in time for holiday gift-giving.  At this rate, I should start thinking about my next project.

DinaPurls :)


Wow, that sock looks great -- love the colors!

Thanks Wool Free. I love the colours too.

I am feeling really stupid. I have almost all of my squares done and just noticed that one yarn seemed a little different than the other. I just noticed that 3/4 of my yarn is Satin Sport and the one colour is the Satin. I just went out and purchased the right one. I am now deciding whether to do most of my squares over or just leave them. The yarn I purchased must have been mixed together.

That's too bad about the mix-up, Janice. If most of your squares are already knit in Satin Sport, maybe you can continue on in the Sport.

Nice work! That sock looks cuddly, comfy, and soft!

The socks look beautiful & comfortable. Am I able to still get that book for the pattern? I'd love to make them.