Crocheting a lacy cardigan

Project – Scallop Edge Cardigan
Bernat Pattern Book #530163 Beautiful Bamboo
Yarn – Bernat Mosaic in Medusa
Blogger – MichelleCrochets

I started a new project this week - the Scalloped Edge Cardigan from the Beautiful Bamboo pattern book with a BRAND new yarn - Bernat Mosaic in the Medusa colorway.  Isn't it beautiful?

Even though the cardigan is a lacy spring/summer garment, I LOVE autumnal colorways so Medusa won out.  I really like this pattern too - ultimately, I think it will be a fantastic coverup over a cute casual dress.  Or a t-shirt and jeans - my ever classic mom-wear!

In my two previous projects blogging here at Bernat, I've made some changes to the patterns - some big, some small.  This time, I really am going to try to not stray too far.  But... this is a different yarn then called for in the pattern and the gauge is different.  As I've done with my last two projects, I made many swatches with different hooks.  Well, four swatches and two hooks.  I tried my trusty bamboo K hook but also jumped up to my N hook.  Note to self, I have yet to find the yarn where my N hook makes sense - Mosaic isn't it.

Here I am with a lovely yarn and no real sense of a gauge translation for this pattern.  It has been a while since I worked with the Bernat Bamboo, but I remember it being squishy.  This Mosaic is pretty substantial and springy, so the stitches will really stay strong in their position.  My guess is that fewer stitches will go a long way.

As I've done in the past, I used the schematic as my guide and chained enough to get the bottom row inch measurement for my size.  In my case, with the large K hook, I chained more than 80 or so chains - compared to well over 100 for each of the sizes using the original bamboo yarn and a J hook.  When estimating like this, it is better to overshoot your chain count than undershoot it.  In this case, the second row of the pattern really pulled the width in, so many of the extra stitches past the schematic size ended up being necessary.

There are two adjustments you can make to accommodate being a bit loosey-goosey on the starting chain count.  One option is on the first return row,  stop crocheting at the point where your work measures the schematic with chains left over.  Carefully untie your initial slipknot and undo the first few chains, re-tying the slipknot at the new end.  Which was really the beginning.

Alternatively, and depending on how many chains are hanging out there AND the finishing of that same area (borders/trims/buttons etc...) you could fold over that extra chain or two and crochet through both as you finish that first return row.  That is what I did - I overshot by 1 stitch and crocheted through both  - I am betting at the end, you won't be able to tell because the scalloped edge will hide it easily.

Here is a little peek at how the Mosaic colors flow:



love, love, love, love those colors!!! Can't wait to hear your review of the yarn :)

That yarn is absolutely gorgeous!! Iam so anxious to see how it works up. I might have to try this project just bcause that yarn is so beautiful!

I have to agree with the other comments: that yarn is gorgeous! The colours are yummy! Can't wait to see how the colours work out in a garment. :)