Cottontots Reversible Hat

Project – Bear Hat (knit)
Bernat Free Pattern (download here)
Yarn – Bernat Cottontots in Sweet Dreams, Blue Berry
Blogger – Shandeh

So, I finished all the knitting on the hat, and now I have a long knitted Easter egg.  Ha!  (or maybe it's a two-color jelly bean?)

I guess it could also work as a pillow, if I stuffed it real good.  :)

ANYWAY....back to reality.  At this point in the Bernat Bear Hat pattern, I'm supposed to push the lining up into the hat.

But, I have a bit of a quandary now.  Which way looks best?

A blue hat with a colorful lining?

Or a colorful hat with a blue lining?

Maybe it's not a problem after all.  I think I'll just leave off the bear ears, and wrap it up.  It can be a nice, reversible hat!  Besides, I remember how it is with babies.  Every day is SO busy....and matching outfits can be impossible.   This is like TWO hats....perfect for a busy mom.

Mission accomplished.  The emergency baby gift is DONE!

Thank you, Cottontots yarn!  You were fun and fast to work with.  And I LOVE the way you feel.

- Shandeh


Oh I like the idea of a reversiable hat, Sandy. Gives mom a few options when dressing baby. :)

I tell ya! I wish I had a reversible baby hat when my boys were little!

LOVE it! I think it is a great idea to have "two hats in one"

I hope the mom likes it too. I didn't hear from her, but she's probably too busy taking care of the little one!

I thought it was a good idea which I will make thanks.

Have fun making your hat! It went very fast for me, and I am in love with the feel of the Cottontots yarn.

Great job - love it!

Thanks Michelle! *hug*

I love the concept of this pattern. Is there one that you know of for adults?

You can probably find a reversible hat pattern by doing a search on Google for "reversible hat knitting pattern". Good luck!

I use this same concept in making lined mittens for my grandchildren ... for them you knit the outside of the mitten as usual and then turn the cuff inside out and pick up the same stitches at the top of the cuff and proceed to knit another mitten - remembering to make the thumb to correspond with the original thumb (It will seem reversed) and when finished simply tack the top of the lining and the top of the thumb to the original mitten so it doesn't pull out ... much warmer for these northern climes!!

What a smart idea!