Cottontots to the Rescue!

Project – Bear Hat (knit)
Bernat Free Pattern (download here)
Yarn – Bernat Cottontots in Sweet Dreams, Blue Berry
Blogger – Shandeh

A couple days ago, my husband came home from work, collapsed on the sofa, plopped his laptop on his lap, grabbed the remote, and turned on his big screen TV. (Actually, this scene repeats itself EVERY DAY in our house. Ha!)

After sitting for a few minutes, he declared, "We are having a baby shower for one of my employees this weekend.  Can you knit something?"

UGH!  It would have been nice to know a couple WEEKS before the shower instead of a couple DAYS!  (**pulling hair**)

So, I turned on my computer and started scrounging the internet for a quick pattern.  I looked at knitting websites to see what others have made.  I searched through some of my knitting magazines and books.  Then, I thought, "Hmmm...I bet Bernat has a good pattern I can use."  TAADAA!!!!

The little Cottontots Bear Hat is perfect!

I already had plenty of Bernat Cottontots yarn in my stash, so I was ready to go. :)

After just one day, I'm already halfway through the hat!

The Bernat Cottontots yarn is so easy to use, fast to knit, and cushy to touch.  Love it!  I'm using the ombre color called "Sweet Dreams" for the lining.  The rest of the hat will be knit with Blue Berry.  I think it will look cute.   I sure hope so!

- Shandeh


I love cottontots. It is one of my favorites!

I fell in love with it during this project! It makes such a nice, rich, lush fabric, doesn't it?

Adorable hat - love it with the colors!! And Oh, just Oh, how I relate to the story behind the hat :)

Thanks Jen! I got lucky with the color combination, because I only had a few colors of Cottontots in my stash. It worked out great!

Very cute! LOVE your colour choices!

Thanks Karen! I was so pleased to see those colors work together as well as they did.