Construction Zone

Project – Knitting Tote
Patons Pattern Book #500871 – Family Felting
Yarn – Patons Classic Wool in Dragon Dance
Blogger – K1Paula2

Before I begin knitting the pockets of the Felted Knitting Tote, let's talk about a couple of cool structural elements of the bag itself.

Most bags I've worked in the round begin at the bottom, on DPNs. I love DPNs, and I especially appreciate how it's only a few lost stitches if (more likely, when) you twist your first attempt to join and have to start over, not 260. I lucked out and got it right the first time. The first few rows are garter stitch, which I assume will felt into a straighter, sturdier edge than stockinette. After a few rows you switch to stockinette. What's really cool is that every other row has four slip stitches, properly spaced to help form the corners of the bag. How cool is that? It should really help when the piece has been felted and needs to be shaped.

Another interesting construction technique is the way the bottom of the bag is worked. When I've made square or rectangular bags from the bottom up, the patterns often start with knitting the bottom, then picking up stitches for three sides. Compared with having to pick up a couple hundred stitches, the thought of having to re-do one row of 260 stitches is a cake walk.

The bottom is garter stitch, worked in half rows, ending with either the Sl1, K1, psso combination or K2Tog. That simultaneously decreases the number of stitches on the needles while joining the front and back to the bottom.

So simple, so smart.



That is going to be so stunning once it is felted!

In re-reading my post, I realize I left out a crucial bit of info: This bag is worked from the top down. So yes, I had to join the first row of 260 stitches on the circular needles without twisting it. So far, that was the hardest thing I've encountered in the pattern!

wild colors - buy one of those old "belly bags" and you won't need pockets!

LOL, But I think the knitting needles might hurt me if I carried them in a belly bag. So pockets it is.