Community Update: Temp Projects 6 Month Checkpoint

Our 2013 Bernat Temperature KAL/CAL is now halfway complete! Several Bernat Forum members have been sharing photos of how their projects look after six months of work.

Take a look at crochetnut's 9 FOOT LONG SCARF!! That sure will be fun to wear!

GrannySquare41390 has been living up to her namesake, making a square for each day. I love this design, because it's so easy to see the temperature for each day. Nice!

Laynie from New Zealand has a completely different look for her scarf, because it's cold in her part of the world right now! She started off with warm oranges, reds, greens, and yellows to represent warm temps, and has now moved into pale greens and blues to reflect the chill in the air.

How is your temperature project coming along? We would love to hear your story in the Bernat Forum.


I love the temperature scarf. It is such a fun idea. Don't know how to post picture. Mine will sure be long. So pretty.

Hello there! You are welcome to tell us about your scarf in the Bernat Forum. It will be easy to post your photo there.