Community Update - Still Remodeling!

No more progress to report on my Bernat projects, because I am STILL in the middle of remodeling my craft room. As I mentioned last week, this craft room remodel is actually a HOME remodel, because things are getting moved around all over the place. My bedroom is done, and now I'm giving the bathroom a deep clean. All my toiletries are waiting in the hallway, and my bathroom shelves are empty, ready for a good scrub. My plan is to wipe it all down from ceiling to floor. Then all the stuff can come back, in a better arrangement.

Next, will be the kitchen - another top to bottom scrub down. All this house cleaning is good for me. I'm finding things that should have been thrown out years ago! Some things are still in good shape, but they are not of interest to me anymore, so they are going to my local charity/thrift store.

Then, FINALLY, I will be totally focused on my craft room. There is some space available in there now, since the bed was moved out. But there is a LOT OF STUFF that needs to be moved around. I wish I could hire a professional organizer to help me make this craft room right! But, since I don't have the simoleans for that kind of luxury, I'll just be free-styling with ideas I find online. I've come across some great ideas on Pinterest and YouTube. And some of the Bernat Forum members are sharing their ideas as well!

Do you have a craft room in your home? What storage ideas do you have? What kinds of crafts do you like to work on?