Community Update - Spring Bamboo CAL Week 2

Have you decided to join us for our Spring Bamboo Crochet Vest Crochet-Along?  I hope that you are able to make this lovely vest with us. The Bernat Bamboo yarn is absolutely LUSCIOUS! So soft and creamy and dreamy and.....just wonderful! We deserve to use this excellent yarn for ourselves!

While making my vest, I've been capturing every single stitch with my video camera, then uploading the videos to YouTube.  So, if you want to follow along, you can just watch the videos and make your vest at exactly the same time! This would work very well for those of you who are still learning to crochet. If you already know basic crochet stitches, the videos will walk you through the construction of the vest - one stitch at a time. :)

Here's how my vest looks right now. I've finished the Left Front, and the center band. It sure is going quickly! I should be wearing this gorgeous vest in no time at all!

Now, I am starting the Right Front, and still making videos as I work. So, be sure to check the Forum for updates. If you are just deciding to make the vest, and want to join in the CAL, go to the CAL in the Bernat Forum, and let us know you are participating. There is no deadline, so you can join in at any time. We hope to hear from you soon!


Just found your forum. I am very new to crochet and already addicted since becoming very ill over a year ago. How can I find your vest video you talked about here as I would love to make this vest. Thanks.