Community Update - Craft Room Update

For the past few weeks, I've been doing a craft room remodel, and some general Spring cleaning all over my house as well. It's actually Summer now, but calling it "Summer cleaning" just doesn't sound right. Ha! My bedroom and bathroom are finished, and my living room is presentable for guests. My kitchen is shaping up as well!

So this means....YES! I'm onto the CRAFT ROOM!  Woo Hoo!!! This week, I spent a lot of time just moving boxes of yarn from one end of the room to the other, and sometimes putting them right back where they came from. Ugh! I've gotten a LOT of exercise with all this manual labor - I sure hope I lose a few pounds in the process.  (Wouldn't that be awesome?!)

One thing was necessary for this craft room remodel - a new, taller bookcase. There were stacks of books and magazines all OVER the place. So, I moved one in from another part of the house. Now, I have TWO bookcases full of craft books and magazines. And they each have room for more - nice! :)

There is still a lot of work to be done - so much yarn, and so many supplies! I also have sewing fabric in the room, so that's claiming lots of space as well. My plan for this weekend is to climb my big ladder, empty all my shelving, and give it all a good wipe down and reorganization. Then, I will get to work on the rest of the room. Wish me luck!


I too am trying to organize. I have so many patterns that I decided to scan them on to thumb drives and sell the printed patterns. Then I can read them on my tablet and crochet from there.