Community Update

While waiting in line for a cup of coffee the other day, I took a look around at the other people in the shop. Some were reading books, and others were staring at their computer screens. And I was pleased to see that some people were knitting and crocheting!

They were experiencing the relaxation and pleasure which can be found with yarn crafting. It was apparent in their expressions. No furrowed brows or hunched shoulders. Just a blissful, relaxed countenance. Sometimes, yarn can be magical. :)

When I got my coffee, I sat down, took out my knitting bag, with my Bernat Mosaic "Carolinian" shawl in-progress, and joined the others on our journey to peace. Both the coffee and the yarn were a comfort to my weary soul.

I've often used yarn as a way to escape my worries. Here's a photo from a few years ago, when I was knitting a Bernat sweater, while waiting for my lunch order.

Maybe you can catch a ride on the magic yarn carpet this week. Grab your Bernat project, and carry it with you as you leave your house. When life gets to be too much for you, just pull out your yarn and work a few stitches. Let those troubles drift away....


Ha ha, If I don't have my knitting with me I go back to get it. I have always knitted/crochet/cross stitch in public. I love it.

I often joke that knitting is my therapy but it really is. There is nothing more calming than sitting and having needles and yarn in hand. I rarely leave the house without a project in my bag. Thanks for sharing this with us.

I always carry a little yarn ball and a crochet needle with me. I can get a baby hat or blanket started nearly anywhere. My granddaughter, Geri, wanted a "pencil pocket" and showed me how she wanted it.....20 pencil pockets later.....everyone in 2nd grade got one and "they're using em", yarn in your purse is a good idea.