Community Update

How many of you are Pinterest fans?  I, for one, have spent HOURS looking at other people's pins, and even MORE hours pinning things myself!  So many fun ideas in that place.  Did you know that Bernat is on Pinterest as well?

I enjoy looking through Bernat's pins, especially the Crochet-Alongs and Knit-Alongs sections.  So cool to see several photos of our Bernat Forum member creations there!

So many talented knitters and crocheters use Bernat yarns and patterns.   It's always interesting to see what everyone makes with their yarn, hooks, and needles.

What is the nicest thing you've created with Bernat yarns?    Which Bernat yarn is your favorite to work with?   Is there a new style of yarn you wish Bernat would create?

How about Bernat patterns?  Have you purchased any Bernat pattern books that have become your "go-to" source for gifts?  Which free Bernat pattern is your favorite?  Is there a pattern you would like to see created by the Bernat Design Team?


Where can we get the pattern for the two fabulous bags in the picture at the top of this blog page? If it's a free pattern, what's the URL; if it's in a book, where can we order it? And what's that yarn? I would love to make one for myself and make some for gifts. Thank you!

The pattern for the "Patterned Hexagon Bags" can be found in the Bernat "Summer Days" pattern book.

The bag is crocheted with the new Bernat Handicrafter Crochet Thread

Hi There! You can find the pattern for the bags in our Summer Days pattern book here - :)

I've got a go-to Bernat book called "Bernat Handicrafter" that I use for perfect little sweaters for kiddos and Great for Mom/Daughter, Dad/Son matching sweaters/vests.... It's a little old... Original cost was 75 cents... Yes, it's from 1956, but the patterns are all classic and still look great!!!!!!!!!!! :D Carla

I just LOVE vintage Bernat pattern books! I have several in my collection, and they are just wonderful. :)

I am just learning to do lace. The red lace scarf you did for your mother is beautiful. I could not find the pattern or one like it on the bernat site. Would you please share where to get pattern. Thanking you in advance.

Hello Lin! I remember making that lovely "Lace Keyhole Scarf". The pattern is no longer available, because the Bernat Satin Sport yarn has been discontinued. But, I found a nice lacy scarf design on the site, which uses Vicky Howell's Sheepish yarn. It's called the "Lacy Daisy Ascot", and looks very similar to the scarf I knit earlier. I hope you like it!