Community Update #32

Have you noticed the updated look to Bernat's yarn web pages?  I am really loving all the nice, BIG swatches for each Bernat yarn.   Take a look at the Bernat Softee Chunky page.  Wow!  It's like I'm RIGHT THERE, looking at a skein of yarn.  Love it!  Thank you, Bernat!  :)  Sure does make it easier to choose colors for our projects.  (thumbs up)

The Bernat Mosaic yarn page doesn't just show yarn photos.  It shows how the various colors of each shade will look when knitted.  Nice!

Speaking of Mosaic, I just love the adorable hoodie that SoulEcho made for her sweet daughter, using Bernat Mosaic in the color "Ambrosia".   Isn't this precious?

And Berryblue crafted some darling baby booties, using Bernat Tizzy yarn, in the color "Blue Skies".  Fun!  To see more creations by Bernat yarn fans, check out the Bernat Projects section in the Forums!



I have made several granny afghans out of the Bernat Mosaic. They turned out so rich and very colorful. It almost "self-stripes" itself. It has a rich beautiful look to the completed afghan. I will be making more gift afghans out of Mosaic!

Oh, I bet those are beautiful! :)

Does anyone have the pattern for the SoulEcho hoodie? It is so cute! I want to knit 3 for my granddaughters!